Interview with Gianluigi Candiani

Gianluigi Candiani
Gianluigi Candiani
TRC Candiani S.p.A
TRC Candiani S.p.A

While manufacturing Denim in bulk, how difficult it is to mantain consistency in production? Are there chances of some shade differences etc.?

In a Denim mill, it is impossible to run laboratory sort of production. Every time we have to create something, we need to face the risk of producing a small bulk that makes the difference between sampling and the following manufacturing system. We can say our samples and production are always consistent considering that we make Denim, not rockets. We are a textile industry, not the aeronautic one.

Do you think that the Denim business/sector is affected by seasons? Is there any particular season which helps to boost the Denim sales?

Of course Denim is affected by seasons. Every time it is characterized by different shades, colors and finishes. Denim and fashion are a global business, and this leads to a mix of different styles. Furthermore, some of our customers are programming their collections, others are just going for a fast retail sector.

These days the growth of the textile industry is more driven by the retail sector. How far do you agree with this?

I mostly agree. In the contemporary world the retail sector is the key when it comes to selling a pair of jeans. The Denim industry is highly saturated by brands and retailers have to make the garments look attractive considering the global and local economical condition.

Some of the leading branded jeans manufacturers are incorporating smart fabrics and interactive technologies. What level of success can be estimated for such products in market amidst constricted financial set up of present times?

It is really hard for me to define smart fabrics. We strongly believe in consious fabrics with tangible sustainable contents as much as we like to believe in crazy innovations to reach very different optical effects or a very specific touch and feel. Interactive technologies are very important to let the consumer know the features of garments creating a more organic and closer relationship: it is a natural evolution of product-focused communication and it is a new standard of marketing which we see increasing more and more. These fabrics, developed with these crazy innovations, therefore become very important tools to communicate our key values even if they represent a small percentage of our collection.

According to you, what makes Candiani a distinguished Denim producer?

Certainly our history. Our company was founded in 1938 by Luigi Candiani, so this year we are celebrating our 75th anniversary and we come to the fourth generation with my son, Alberto. Candiani has expanded over the years and today we are the major Denim manufacturer in Europe. Despite the progress, our society has never been delocalized: we are located in the heart of the Ticino Park right outside Milan since our foundation, because we firmly believe in the “Made in Italy” and in our textile heritage which is handed down from generation to generation; this causes the fabric to be treated by employees with great skills and technical knowledge given from the experience. Living in a very green surrounding has predisposed us to nurture a strong environmental awareness and we intend to pass it on to our customers through our products. All over the world we are renowned to be “The greenest textile industry in the blue world”, due to our experties, our heritage and our passion to do what we know best: Denim.
Published on: 19/11/2013

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