Interview with Dr Michael Schürenkrämer

Dr Michael Schürenkrämer
Dr Michael Schürenkrämer
Managing Partner
Trützschler Group
Trützschler Group

Germany, along with other good reasons, is also proud country to be the place of headquarter for globally reckoned textile machinery giant Trutzschler Group. Besides, the Group also has subsidiaries in six countries with about 2200 employees worldwide. It is globally active textile machinery manufacturers specialized in the production of machinery and systems for spinning mills and the nonwovens industry. With the acquisition of Fleissner, Trützschler is expanding its nonwovens machinery range from bale opening, carding, lapping and web drafting (ERKO Trützschler), all the way to entangling and drying. Dr Michael Schürenkrämer is the Managing Partner of Trützschler Group. He joined the Group in the year 1986 and by the year 1991, he took up the responsibilities as the Managing Partner of the Group. On Face2Face, in his second appearance speaking with Ms Madhu Soni, Sr Editor & Correspondent, Mr Schürenkrämer brings out more about present state of the industry, and the company's key attributes and strengths in line.

Mr Schürenkrämer, nice to see you once again in this channel Face2Face. Hope business is shaping great at Truetzschler too! What are some latest updates that you feel have been very vital for your Group in recent three years of our talk?

Over the past few years we had to overcome a severe crisis in our industry. However, our international orientation and adjustment of capacities has helped us to cope with this situation. We also have used this time to restructure and develop new products. Today, the formation of the three business units SPINNING, NONWOVENS and CARD CLOTHING allows us to operate in a wider customer oriented and targeted manner. At the same time our service has become more regionalized, enabling us to be closer to the customer here as well.

So, what can be said about present state of the textile machinery industry?

Naturally, the decline in demand in 2008 and 2009 led to a capacity shortage among our customers. But already at the end of last year we noticed an increase in demand. Since the beginning of this year we even experience a sharp rise in orders. Based on the current stable level of orders on hand, we expect 2010 and 2011 to be a successful year for the whole textile machinery industry.

Given the state of the industry, what are the company's key attributes and strengths in line?

Our greatest strength lies definitely in our international orientation, with production sites in India, China, Brazil, USA, and of course in Germany. Today we practice an intercultural corporate philosophy, maintaining close links between our companies. This makes us more efficient, faster and also more market oriented. Our products are adapted to the requirements of the markets. Thus, for instance, we offer different variants of the same machines in the various markets.

Published on: 01/11/2010

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