Interview with Mr Justin Huang

Mr Justin Huang
Mr Justin Huang
Secretary General
Taiwan Textile Federation
Taiwan Textile Federation

Founded in 1975, under the guidance and financial support of the government, Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) represents Taiwan Textile industry. Over the years, TTF has been meeting the needs of the textile industry with valuable services like market promotion, product design, fashion information analysis, online information, technology training, collection and analysis of market information, certification of functional textiles, publications of textile information, issuance of Certificate of Origin, and other textile-related services. Substantiating its competence to provide the best services for textile industry of Taiwan, TTF is ISO 9001 certified from the British Standards Institution (BSI) for quality control systems. 41, Secretary General, TTF, Mr Justin Huang is a graduate in Industrial Design from Tatung Institute of Technology. His professional career began in 1982, as an Industrial Designer in Electric Home Appliance Division, Sampo Corporation. From 1985 to 1991, Mr Huang worked as a Specialist in Industrial Design Section of Design Promotion Center at Taiwan External Trade Development Council. From 1991 to 1995, he had been a Prokurist at Taipei Design Center Duesseldorf GmbH (a subsidiary of CETRA in Germany). Mr Huang rejoined Taiwan External Trade Development Council for one year as a Manager in Design Development Section of Design Promotion Center. From 1996 till 2005, Mr Huang had been working for TTF on varied positions such as Director, Planning and information Department; Director, Textile and Fashion Design Center; and Deputy Secretary General. Mr Huang assumed his role as Secretary General, TTF, in the year 2005. Speaking to Face2Face team, Mr Justin Huang provides a closer view of Taiwan textile and clothing industry; challenges that it confronts; and role of TTF in the industry’s welfare.

Giving a gist on the purpose of establishing Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF), can you please let our global visitors know how TTF came to existence?

Taiwan Textile Federation was established by 26 textile related associations and leading textile firms in Taiwan, on November 25th, 1975. The purpose to initiate TTF was to help the textile industry to negotiate imported quota matters with European nations, while Taiwan had no diplomatic relationship with the nations.

After a while, the Board of TTF found that there were a lot more business for TTF to do apart from quota management. Therefore, a series of functional services were developed and carried out by TTF, including Textile & Fashion Design Center, Market Promotion Department and Industry & information Service Department.

After quota elimination on Jan 1st, 2005, TTF focuses its services and business on the fields of rendering design services to Taiwan textile mills and apparel making firms, to help those firms to develop foreign market, and all the other related services related to promote Taiwan textile industry. Now, TTF has about 130 full time employees.

Please tell us more about TTF’s activities and services associated to textile and clothing industry?

The Design Center of TTF has analyzed fashion trend for more than 15 years and rendered trend forecast services to local textile mills. The Design Center also help individual firms develop their fabric designs and apparel collections. Besides, the annual fashion design award is being held by the Design Center for more than 20 years. Many local well known designers were explored through the annual award. The Market Promotion Department organizes more than 30 textile trade missions each year to participate in international trade fairs in Europe, America, and Asia. Moreover, other trade missions visiting to appropriate textile importers, traders, etc. are also organized every year in order to explore due trade opportunities for Taiwan textile mills.

In Taiwan, TTF also helds an annual international textile trade show, Taipei Innovative Textile & Applications Show – TITAS since 1997. So far, TITAS has been repositioned as the only one show in the world to present innovative and functional textiles. As from 2006, TTF started to organize the Taipei in Style show, which is aimed to help fashion designers and apparel brands from home and abroad to develop their business opportunities. In 2007, it was a great success in assisting local and international fashion designers and apparel brands in extending their business in Asia.

How is functional textiles market shaping up, and how well is Taiwan geared up to serve this nascent sector?

In the last 10 years, Taiwan textile industry has invested a lot of resource in textile technology innovation. Currently, Taiwan has been nick-named as the source of functional textiles. Such as fabrics with functions of Far Infrared, Anti-bacteria, Water Repellent, Moisture Transferring, etc. can be developed and produced in many Taiwan textile mills. Since 2001, TTF initiated a certificate/verification system of functional textiles for international retailers and Taiwan textile mills in order to help both of them effectively identify appropriate functional textiles. The System has developed 14 functional textile standards and the relevant testing methodologies. This is why almost all the big names of sportswear and outer wear retailers usually sourced functional textiles from their Taiwanese suppliers. In 2006, Taiwan was ranked as the No. 6 largest textile export nation in the world. For further information on the system, please refer to the web site – On the whole, Taiwan textile industry, 10 years ago, realized that a product differentiation strategy must be developed and carried out when the global market has been in mess of price competition. A series of innovation program on functional textiles were thus taken by the industry for the purpose.

Published on: 17/12/2007

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