Interview with Shitanshu Jhunjhunwalla

Shitanshu Jhunjhunwalla
Shitanshu Jhunjhunwalla
Turtle Limited
Turtle Limited

Wardrobes have become very versatile
From a company primarily into men's readymade shirts and a leading brand in menswear, Turtle Limited is set to become one of India's fastest growing companies. With an initial production capacity of just 20 shirts a day, today it has an exhaustive in-house retail unit that caters to more than 100 exclusive stores and 1200 multi-brand outlets across the country. Director Shitanshu Jhunjhunwalla in conversation with Fibre2Fashion about the trendsetting fashion and redefining styles in menswear.

How big is the menswear market in India? What is the expected growth rate by 2020?

The organised menswear market is approximately Rs 3,000 crore and the growth is expected at 10-15 per cent every year.

What are the latest developments in menswear fashion in India?

Few of the latest developments in the menswear fashion are checks and prints. Of late, we are also seeing the entry of organic and handwoven products into the market.

How many collections are made in a year? How many styles are there in each collection?

We make two collections in a year with around 150-200 styles in each.

What is the USP?

We have a very robust in-house design team which ensures each season has a new offering. Being in the industry for 25 years, we have the experience and eye for detail which distinguishes our products and gives us an edge in the market.

How sustainable is your supply chain?

We have introduced handwoven material and clothing in our offering which is 100 per cent sustainable. We have also reduced the consumption of water in washing the denim.

What more innovative trends can be expected in the future that will revolutionise how men dress?

We will now see a very versatile wardrobe where the same items can be paired formally as well as casually. A lot of streetwear and denim are in trend and one revolution would be in the space of athleisure. In the formals for daywear, the trend is of casuals where the focus is on comfort and cross-functional dressing. Suits and blazers have become a trend for eveningwear. For casuals, it's all about dressing down. Indigo has become a major in polos and shirts. Checks, solids and abstract prints are catching the fancy. Denims will eventually move towards clean look.

What are the major trends for A/W 2018 in menswear in terms of fabrics, silhouettes, colours, prints, and embellishments?

Festive season is about vivid colours, patterns and prints. In shirts, engineered pattern is prominent. Chest panels and non-repeat design patterns are to be bet on for the festives. Satin-based prints, an overall floral and abstract pattern will dominate the season. Colours like wine, teal, navy, sienna will take the centerstage. It's all about being dressy and feeling good about oneself. 

Lots of ivy plaids for casual lovers. Polos, again will carry the ethos of the engineered pattern. The autumn/winter collection will encompass checkered suits, blazers, trousers and waistcoats, with detachable factor, playing high. Ceremonial blazers, waistcoats and suits speak about style and class. Tux in grey, navy and black will be a must have in the store. Three-piece suits are in vogue. Bandhanis and waistcoats will complete the festive basket.

How are you redefining menswear fashion in India?

We are using minimal and lean cuts with innovative patterns in menswear. Incorporating style and comfort, dual utility garments in outerwear segments with detachable waistcoats and lapels are being made. We are trying to imbibe multi-utility factor in all produces.

What percentage of your sales is through brick & mortar and what through e-marketplace?

About 99 per cent of our sales is offline, but now we are working on e-commerce as an important growth strategy.

Which points-of-sale are faring well - online stores, online marketplaces, EBOs or MBOs? Any expansion plans?

Our online presence is negligible now. We are planning expansions in EBO, MBO and LFS. We plan to open 2-3 stores every month.

Which are your best-selling products? Which price points work well for you?

Our bestselling products are shirts at Rs 1,500, trousers at Rs 1,800, t-shirts at Rs 1,200 and denims at 2,500.

How big is your design and development team?

We have more than 50 people in our design and development team.

What has been your growth story in the last two years and expectations from the next two?

Last year, we saw a growth of 15 per cent and we are anticipating growth of 25 per cent in the coming years. (RR)
Published on: 25/07/2018

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