Interview with John Miln

John Miln
John Miln
UK Fashion & Textile Association
UK Fashion & Textile Association

How do you perceive ethical fashion goes with the fashion industry of UK in terms of environment?

They sit very well together. I think it is an important thing for the industry to be promoting in a bigger way. Fairtrade coffee and cotton are well known examples that have worked and been taken on board by the consumer. Initiatives such as reduction of landfill will soon be at the forefront as will more recognisable systems for recycling.

How do you see organic and Eco fashion within the industry?

Organic and eco fashion have awareness but limited traction in some areas. As the larger retailers get more behind this message will get through and change attitudes of the consumers who will be happier to spend a little more as they now do for free range eggs and chickens for garments that have a smaller footprint and are an excellent quality.

How is retail market faring in UK and what are the opportunities for retailers and new entrants?

The retail market is a very mixed bag and international entrants have had mixed successes here. The UK consumer is probably one of the most demanding and discerning in the world. Finding a USP can often be tricky in such a highly competitive market but major brands see the UK, particularly London as a great opportunity.
Published on: 31/10/2012

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