Interview with John Miln

John Miln
John Miln
UK Fashion & Textile Association
UK Fashion & Textile Association

Younger shoppers still want newness to follow trends but their income is not huge...
With Fibre2Fashion Correspondent Cindrella Thawani, John Miln mentions that blend of creativity and commerciality is another significant feature to prosper in this industry. Synopsis: UK Fashion & Textile Association is the most inclusive British network for fashion and textile companies. It is the voice and meeting place for suppliers of fashion and textiles. John Miln serves as the CEO and Company Secretary of UKFT. He is Chairman and non executive director of various industry trade bodies and has been Deputy Chairman and Treasurer of the UK Fashion & Textiles Association. Excerpts:

How do you foresee job opportunities in UK’s fashion and textile industry?

I think there are still some great opportunities across the sector, particularly in manufacturing with many schemes set up for training and apprenticeships. Made or designed in the UK is still a hugely sought after commodity particularly in emerging markets, so there are still fantastic opportunities to be had especially when it comes to export.

London Fashion Week (LFW) has left its footprints in the fashion industry of UK. Consequently, what kind of latest style and trends you think will lead the fashion world? Please interpret.

Made in the UK has definitely become a trend of sorts. With the Olympics and Jubilee this year this label has never been more popular or more in demand. Great British Heritage brands, which have been popular at LFW are also increasingly in demand. I think that fashion is going to go the way of the food industry where people pay a little more for organic and knowing where the food comes from; the consumer wants to know in more detail that their clothes are of the highest quality and ethically made and sourced.

UK’s fashion industry is sharing a significant contribution to its economy. What more should be done to steer this sphere?

We need to celebrate every part of the industry – from raw materials through to the finished garment. We need to promote all types of careers in the industry from design to weavers, technical textiles, pattern cutting and so on. There are so many great success stories in the fashion and textile industry that go unheralded and we plan to do more to shout about them to government, the press and those wanting to make fashion their career. If we can still produce graduates and trainees who have a good breadth of skills across the sector and look after and encourage them then we can continue to produce products that are revered worldwide.
Published on: 31/10/2012

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