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Syed Nurul Islam
Syed Nurul Islam
Well Group
Well Group

The most important fact is that we have a very good, disciplined and efficient workforce
Syed Nurul Islam talks about the current scenario of textile industry in Bangladesh with Fibre2Fashion correspondent Ilin Mathew. Synopsis: Well Group is a group of 15 companies spread across various segments of industries. Textiles form its major business. It employs more than 18000 employees, and is a renowned name in the textile industry of Bangladesh. It is today one of the biggest industrial groups in Bangladesh. Mr. Islam is a Bachelor in Management and Master in Marketing & Management, from Chittagong University. Other than serving the company, he has played influential roles in associations like Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) and Bangladesh Malaysia Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Excerpts:

Well Group is one of the pioneers in the Bangladesh textile industry. What are some of the most significant shifts that you have witnessed in the garment manufacturing sector over the years?

Selling price is dropping everyday, but quality and compliance issues are gaining importance in the industry. This is the most significant shift observed in the garment manufacturing sector in all these years.

The importance of textile industry in the economy of Bangladesh is very high. According to you, what are the steps to be taken by the Bangladesh Government to improve the growth of the sector?

Yes. Our clothing industry is contributing to our economy in a big way. You can say that it is the back bone of our economy. The main hurlde of our growth is infrastructural limitation. If our government can improve all these limitation, such as power crisis problems, gas shortages, and road ways, railways and water ways communication, we will get remarkable growth. This will surely foster the growth of the sector. Apart from infrastructure, noncompliance is also an issue, though our government has taken actions with the help of accords and alliances.

Global recession, unfavorable trade policies, internal security concerns, high cost of production due to increase in the energy cost and different safety issues, specially fire - Which of these do you think has negatively impacted the growth of Bangladesh textile and garment industry? Kindly elaborate.

We have seen a negative impact in our apparel industry due to all these issues.

What are the major steps taken by the industry to improve the working condition of Bangladesh textile and garment factories, a year after the unprecedented disaster of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory on April 24, 2013?

Along with the accords and alliances, Bangladesh government has taken comprehensive action plans to improve the condition of workers.
Published on: 21/07/2014

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