Interview with Mr Philip Endersbee

Mr Philip Endersbee
Mr Philip Endersbee
MD & Founder
Wilderness Wear Australia Pty Ltd
Wilderness Wear Australia Pty Ltd

To begin with, let me request you an understanding on present day garment industry worldwide.

Present day garment industry is recently stable. Level of imports out of Asia into most western countries is now duly dropped, and following, I think most of western countries with production off shore are now in the state where the level of manufacturing is least. Market prices have import component, export component and now have lack of manufacturing component involved. In other words, post global financial crisis industry is probably thrown back at the moment. And, it will take next couple of years to resume.

In this global market of ready to wear, what share your industry embarks? How do you see its potential?

Negligible! Let’s say, if ready to wear is 5 billion, Sportswear is approx 25 millions, and thus it has very little share.

We have business in sportswear. Today, those western countries having textile manufacturing base are moving away from basic commodities product into other sector in order to survive, and that is what creates lack of manufacturer in our country and that is the area we shall concentrate on. So I think we are going to face pursuit difficult than other basic commodities producers.

Can wool - meant for protection fabrics, be ever looked upon as fibre for fashion statement or say -a thing of beauty?

Wool has been in market for decades. No doubt, synthetic fibres have presence in many markets, and have been looked upon as substitute to wool, but wool as natural fibre has many benefits and can be used in fire retardant fabric, as well as to produce fabric that is quite cool in summer and quite warm in winter. So I would advocate that it is quite innovative to define wool to liberate fibre in fashion sector too. I think people doubt it becoming very large sector of marketing channel. But, I believe it is good for professional wears and has best functionality, and I think that describes why all of a sudden there is a world wide demand of wool. Infact in the world becoming ecologically conscious, wool due to its special performance characteristics as well as being ecosafe fibre, can definitely be looked upon as a fibre for fashion statement too.

Published on: 17/05/2010

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