Interview with Harkirat Singh

Harkirat Singh
Harkirat Singh
Managing Director

What are your views about the prospects of ethical sourcing in the apparel industry?

Woodland is striving to be a sustainable brand, using recycled post consumer and post industrial waste products simply by improving technologies and reducing the use of harsh chemicals and excess materials while upholding the product quality. The company upholds it's position in the green movement by partnering with many environmentally conscious partners such as Leave No Trace, UNICEF, WWF, Lufthansa and many more. We have been constant in our effort to be environment friendly and sustainability. In this direction we have started listing the eco index on our products and educate our customers on the amount of carbon footprint that they are leaving with each Woodland product. Our effort is to be carbon neutral by 2015. For a brand to survive, it has to connect nature and customers, so we promote a lot of eco friendly activities. The customer today is very receptive on these products and we want to increase the level of awareness.

What is the most important factor for building a strong brand image and getting more and more loyal customers?

The brand is always a perception and the main focus is on the product. The company has to give them the best product made with superior quality raw materials. Unless, the product is not good, you cannot build a brand image. The product has to be technical, functional as well as fashionable. While buying a piece the customer should feel that it is value for money.

According to you, which segment of the society helps the industry to do a better business?

The age group of 17-25 years is kept in focus while we are producing because these are the people who innovate, influence and create trends. The youngsters are always ready to try out new concepts and new styles, which increases the scope of business. They also have a good potential to influence others in the matter of style. With a new fashion statement they can influence their young siblings, friends as well as colleagues.

Technology is revolutionizing the textile/apparel/fashion industry all over the world. What trends do you visualize in the coming times, for the industry?

More than being a fashion brand, we are a technical brand. All the brands that are innovative and technology based have an upper edge. I also believe technology in garment as well as shoe making has become unavoidable. The technology has advanced so much when it comes to store management. The billing procedure, stock and sales records etc. have become a smooth process with the help of technology. Also I feel technology gives some or the other innovation every other day so it’s very unpredictable to say what will be the next.

Going through various media reports it was noted that the company targeted a turnover of 800 crores by March 2013. What is the latest update regarding this?

As we are almost on the closure of this financial year and we have already crossed an annual revenue of 8 billion rupees, I can predict that Woodland will be over achieving the target this year. It might go upto 8.5 billion rupees. We have been seeing an average annual growth of 250-300 million rupees for the last five years. I feel that one should be cautious and realistic while focusing on the growth.
Published on: 20/03/2013

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