Interview with Mr Stefan Sulzmaier

Mr Stefan Sulzmaier
Mr Stefan Sulzmaier
Director and Division Head
Zschimmer & Schwarz Holding GmbH & Co KG
Zschimmer & Schwarz Holding GmbH & Co KG

Is the competition level high in your sector? How would you quote the core competencies of your products over others?

The competition level is very high. As the nonwoven sector has grown in importance and value, chemicals and additive producers have reacted and have introduced new products. The added value of the products from Zschimmer&Schwarz is coming from the experience of the staff, the superior products and the pilot facilities we can offer our partners for developments.

While your company caters to a vast range of products for different applications in different industries; where in do you see comparatively more growth?

The nonwovens industry is indeed the one with the biggest growth potential. But the growth here is not only pure volume based, it is also value based. This means that we can work with our partners on products that add real value. This value is either in the field of optimization of the product value, improved product performance or perceived consumer benefits.

Zschimmer&Schwarz helps the man-made fibres industry with an extensive product line. How would you word for present movements in this sector and chart growth trend of this sector in years to come?

According to EDANA, the industry organization, nonwovens have an excellent growth potential for many years to come. Clearly the biggest growth is where nonwovens can present an added value versus other materials. We can help the feedstock producers for nonwovens to improve the performance of their products constantly as well as giving the feedstock fibers the competitive edge they need.

Zooming in your clientele countries’ map, we see myriad regions spotted encompassing the 13 countries on the globe. Amongst them, which all hold more intensity for your line of business? What factors are determinants behind it?

Zschimmer&Schwarz is a truly global company. We have the Headquarter in Lahnstein, Germany. We have factories in the USA, in China and many other countries. We have offices in most countries where our products are used. This means we can offer full service in the countries where our partners are located. This also adds to our service concept.

Besides these countries included in your client list, do you have few more names to be added in list seeing them as emerging countries for nonwovens sector?

The Far East and South East Asia are very important regions with huge growth potential. We are increasing our efforts for example in India, where we see interesting opportunities for partnering with the local nonwovens industry.

REACH – How does Zschimmer&Schwarz Group takes this regulation; merely a compulsion or a league?

REACH is a very important new regulation that impacts not only Europe but the whole world. Zschimmer&Schwarz has pre-registered all its products and can hence guarantee its partners in the industry the optimum level of compliance with EU regulations.


Published on: 22/06/2009

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