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Interview with Iacopo Pardini

Industry Speak
Iacopo Pardini
Iacopo Pardini
Area Manager
Arioli Spa
Arioli Spa

We have successfully halved energy costs

Founded in 1953, Italian engineering company Arioli Spa started supporting textile industries of Milan and Como by building suitable machinery for fabric printing. Digital printer ArioPrint is the result of constant Arioli innovation. Area manager Iacopo Pardini shares insights about the new technologies used in the design and production of this innovative machine.

What technologies did you showcase at ITMA Asia? Please share features of these technologies?

We are more than 80 years old and began by manufacturing the steamer machine. After a few years, we started producing washing machines and dryers. Recently, we started making digital printers. We have already sold more than 30 digital printers in Pakistan, Europe, the United States and South American countries. At ITMA Asia, we showcased a new steamer machine as well as our latest digital printing machine and washing machine. We have reduced the size of the steamer chamber due to which steam consumption has been reduced as well. We have been able to reduce energy costs by 50 per cent. In our digital printers, we have changed the positioning of the printheads. With conventional printheads, they would need to do two passes, while with our machine, one pass is enough.

Are your technologies Industry 4.0 compliant?

All our technologies are Industry 4.0 compliant.

How important are the Chinese and Southeast Asian markets for you?

I am in charge of Asia-Pacific and the Chinese markets. The Chinese market is the biggest in my area and accounts for 90 per cent revenue in my area of operation. This also includes Chinese investments in other countries like Vietnam.

How have the first nine months of 2018 fared for your company compared to last year?

This year has been better than the previous. As per my experience, the textile industry always fluctuates every year. But this is the third year that the markets have remained either stable or have gone up.

What are your plans for 2019?

While we would try to increase sales, we want to focus more on after-sales service. We are pushing our agents to employ highly skilled technicians as it is not always possible to send a technician from Italy. Language also becomes an issue.

Which technologies will you show at ITMA Barcelona?

We will be showing this steamer machine and two new technologies which are in the testing stage now. 
Published on: 13/11/2018

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