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Interview with Nick Isles

Industry Speak
Nick Isles
Nick Isles
Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design
Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design

How has the institute grown since its inception? What are the major achievements?

I think this year has been a triumph in managing the Covid situation and establishing a new online offering in record time. We are also very proud of our Masters programme which will soon grow to seven discrete offers. The college began with just a short course programme but in eight years has added a BA in fashion communication, an MA programme, a foundation course, a new suite of online courses coming in 2020 and more in the pipeline.

Which are the various courses offered by you? Any internships or scholarships on offer?

All our courses are listed on our website. We do have two bursaries offered each year with a plan to rapidly expand this for the following academic year.

How does your institute compare to other fashion institutes? What is unique to your teachings?

Our college is part of the world’s leading media company that publishes the leading brand in fashion communication Vogue. As such our students are part of that community. We are a very vocational college ensuring our students have the very best chance of progressing into jobs.

How equipped are your students to be a part of the fashion industry from the word go – bridging the gap between theoretical studies and practical demands of a job?

We have very high rates of employment in the industry comparable with the very best among the world’s fashion education institutions.

What is the placement ratio of your students each year? Which areas in the fashion industry do they get placed into?

It is well into 90 per cent and they work all over the fashion and luxury brand sectors.

How well equipped is your institute in conducting R&D projects?

We are not a research intensive college but a vocational higher education institution dedicated to teaching.

What are some of the emerging fields in textiles/fashion? Any new courses you plan to come up with in future?

We will be launching a new MA in fashion styling and a new MA in luxury brand management.

How are things like sustainability, technology, and social issues impacting the fashion industry?

Massively. Sustainability and diversity are critical issues dominating the post covid view of the fashion industry.

How can brands innovate and be successful in the 21st century?

As they have always needed to be: responsive and adaptive. Building adaptive capacity into the institution is crucial to any institution’s success this century when we expect twice as many general purpose technologies to come on stream as were present during the 20th century.

What are your future goals? Any major announcements in pipeline?

To grow and be a truly global education presence.

Published on: 11/06/2020

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