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Interview with Oliver Schmitz

Industry Speak
Oliver Schmitz
Oliver Schmitz
Senior Sales Director

China is a big market for us now

Germany-based Gmöhling is a leading manufacturer of aluminium containers for different industrial purposes. For the textile industry, the company manufactures containers and transport trolleys. Its product range extends from cloth collection trolleys, flyer bobbin trolleys, bobbin doffer trolleys, tube doffing boxes and tube boxes for ring spinning machines (Zinser/Rieter) to individual transport trolleys and spring-loaded base trolleys. Senior sales director Oliver Schmitz converses about what has changed and what has stayed after 77 years in the business to be held from 20 – 26 June 2019.

What are your product offerings for the textile niche?

We are a 77-year-old company and supply trolleys and baskets made only from aluminum for transporting bobbins, spools, yarn steaming and fabrics. Plastic trolleys are also available in the market, but there is a probability of yarn getting damaged as plastic does not have a smooth surface.  We also offer spring loaded trolleys and many other types of trolleys.

How have the products evolved over seven decades?

We have changed the production methods and tools used to produce these trolleys over this period to improve quality. The trolley wheels have changed to facilitate smoother management.

What makes your products better than your competitors'?

An Indian company offers trolleys at a very cheap price. But our trolleys last longer due to quality. At the same time, trolleys made from plastic cannot be used for steaming, while aluminium heats and cools down quickly and is also better than stainless steel.

Since how long have you been operating in China?

We have a few Chinese customers, which formerly were German companies. These German companies moved their production facilities and continue to buy from us. China is a big market for us and we have a Chinese representative working for us. She helps bring in the new customers.

How many countries do you export to?

We export to several countries like Vietnam, Bangladesh and places in South America. We still have not been able to penetrate the Indian market properly.

Is your company participating in ITMA Barcelona? What will you showcase there?

We are participating in ITMA Barcelona and will be showing the same products that you see here. (HO)
Published on: 05/11/2018

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