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Interview with Will Qian

Industry Speak
Will Qian
Will Qian
Sales Manager–Overseas Market
Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology
Hangzhou Honghua Digital Technology

Europe biggest market for digital printers

Honghua Digital Technology Stock Co., Ltd. specialises in the R&D, manufacturing sales and service of digital ink-jet printing technology and equipment. Its products and solutions are widely used in the textiles printing, carpet printing and graphic printing industries worldwide. Will Qian, sales manager - overseas market, highlights the markets where labour is economical.

What technologies are you showing at ITMA ASIA?

We have launched two new digital textile printers. The first is a sublimation printer with eight Kyocera printheads and is a very fast printer, which runs at 300 linear metres per hour. The second is a hybrid printer, which is a combination of flatbed screen printer and a digital printer. For women's scarves, the dye penetration has to be good with both sides in similar colours. So, if someone wants to print on black colour, he would first print the black colour on the screen printer and then print the design on the digital printer. This is a patented technology. We have already sold 10 units of these hybrid printers.

To how many countries do you export your printers?

We export to more than 30 countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, etc. We also provide service within 24 hours. 

We are nearing the end of 2018. How has this year been compared to 2017?

This year our business has been growing fast. In 2017, we sold around 150 digital printer units. This year in the first three quarters, we have already sold 180 units. This year we may grow by 45 per cent.

What are your plans for 2019?

Currently, European countries are our biggest market for digital printers. We plan to further focus on markets like Bulgaria, Romania, etc, where the labour costs are similar to that of China. They also receive orders for smaller fabric runs like 500 metres.

Is your company taking part at ITMA Barcelona?

We have taken a 200 sq m booth space, and will be showing a sublimation printer and a screen printer at ITMA Barcelona. (HO)
Published on: 21/11/2018

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