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Interview with Hardik Sanghvi

Hardik Sanghvi
Hardik Sanghvi
Idealin Fogging Systems
Idealin Fogging Systems

Government can offer incentives to help SMEs adopt humidifiers

Idealin Fogging Systems has been engaged in designing and manufacturing innovative models of humidifiers and fogging systems since 2002. Hardik Sanghvi, CMD, talks about government support that can boost this niche, besides the latest developments at his company.

What is the kind of governmental help that you think will advance growth in your field?

The government is already focused on the immediate and long term needs of the textiles sector. However, humidification (especially spot humidification) is ignored since it does not play a vital role in the process of the evolution of the fabric from its inception in cotton seed. Central humidification systems do get due recognition since they play a pivotal role in the formation of the yarn, but spot humidifiers are also needed to boost the RH in sections, which these systems do not cater to. 

Apart from the spinning section of textiles, the central systems cannot be adaptive for the smaller segregated sections, e.g. weaving, where small-time weavers can buy spot humidifiers. But due to budgetary constraints, they are forced to adapt ventilation methods only and ultimately their quality suffers. The government could offer them some incentives to help them adopt humidifiers and ultimately add to the quality of their products. Likewise, the government can look into the other sectors of the textiles industry to help the industry grow bigger and faster. 

Which factors will have a major impact on the performance of the industry in the years to come?

GST, commitment to highest quality standards and parameters, and acceptance to invest in infrastructure and upgradation of plant and machinery will have an impact on the performance of the Indian textiles industry. 

What is the rate at which your company is growing? What is the target set for the next two years?

For the last three years, our company has consistently grown at a nominal pace of 20-30 per cent annually and the target for the next two years is around 35-45 per cent.

What percentage of your clients are textile and apparel manufacturers? What are the kinds of products they are looking for?

Around 65 per cent of our customers are the spinning units in the country. Unfortunately, the other sectors are scattered and need guidance. All our customers are looking for solutions to their humidification problems, and we have shifted our focus from offering products to now offering solutions. 

One of our products, Fogmax Humidifier, is a very popular product and in recent years it has become a benchmark of sorts. However, rather than remaining reliant and complacent, we built other models specifically to suit a particular application so that the customers get the best model with all features possible. Since 2015, we have ventured into the latest ultrasonic technology as well so as to offer our clients the most comprehensive choice of products. A wider basket means a valued choice and a better decision for the customer. 

For the past 25 years, customers' decisions were hampered due to a limited choice and this scenario is fast changing. In fact, since customers are evolving and growing faster, we are compelled to keep with the pace. Ever since our inception, one of our key target areas has been to introduce newer yet simpler models with the latest technology features. 

We are one of the companies in India to specialise in spot humidifiers for the last 15 years and our focus has given us inputs to provide customised solutions rather than just products. We understand the importance of adding features consistently so that our customers remain excited and satisfied. 

We introduced the Rotostand (oscillating system for humidifiers) many years ago. We launched the advanced humidity control device Digicon with a series of features. We introduced the Heatron (heating mechanism in humidifiers), that was never thought of earlier in spot humidifiers. A 360-degree fog output product was rolled out and now we have introduced the ultrasonic technology. We feel that all customers are looking for higher value and would benefit from these innovations. 

Which are your key markets?

Blowroom or mixing, yarn conditioning, SQC, packing, weaving, testing, digital printing, R&D are segments where humidification systems and solutions are required.
Published on: 04/10/2017

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