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Interview with Vikram Juneja

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Vikram Juneja
Vikram Juneja
Jacquard Training
Jacquard Training

Increase in number of students taking online training rather than offline

Jaquard is a training institute providing a highly specialised training package which consists of four separate training programmes of Nedgraphics software and the basic Jacquard and Dobby weave concepts. Vikram Juneja, Professor of Jacquard Training institute, speaks to Fibre2fashion about how educational institutes are coping with the Covid-19 pandemic by shifting their focus on online training.

How has the worldwide lock-down impacted the educational institutes and the students? What are the immediate concerns?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected educational systems worldwide leading to total closures of schools, universities and colleges. To cope with this situation, we are providing students with an online platform that will lift their careers in the textile industry by giving them online training with the help of our self-made training videos and screen sharing software like TeamViewer and Anydesk.

How are you realigning your course offerings in the era of Covid-19? How has the crisis reshaped education in more than one way?

According to our statistics, there is an increase in the number of students taking online training rather than offline. Due to the pandemic, our focus has shifted to online training which has obviously broadened our vision as now we our serving our students from all over the world.

Have you devised a roadmap on how your institute can go the e-learning way that will ensure continual learning for the students from home?

Yes, our roadmap is clear. We are taking major steps to ensure success to our online training strategy in order to benefit our students.

What impact do you think this engagement into online/distance learning by many/most institutions might have on faculty and student confidence in technology-enabled learning? Do you believe this will lead to more professors believing in the quality of online learning and wanting to incorporate the best into their teaching by forgetting the perceived quality gap?

I truly believe that the quality of teaching will increase drastically as there will be no feedback from anyone during the process that will force the teacher/professor to give his/her best that will at last improve the quality in such cases.

If the outcomes of e-learning are not that great, what can institutions and individual instructors do to ensure a better rather than worse outcome?

I think that constructive feedback from students will be the best tool to get information on which sectors need improvement in our roadmap to go online!!

Could the move to online learning be the catalyst to create a new, more effective method of educating students?

Online learning will revolutionise the educational sector as now the teachers and students will be more focused on practical knowledge instead of theoretical knowledge. The society that we live in today is learning from the past and surely, we will together eliminate the “old-school” way of teaching.

How was Jacquard Training institute formed? Does it have franchises/branches in any other part of India?

Jacquard Training Institute was formed in 2015. Since then we are serving our students with high quality training in textile field making them industry ready. We have only one head office and no franchises.

How many members/instructors does the institute have today?

We have 3 instructors who are well qualified and experts in their field.
Published on: 11/06/2020

DISCLAIMER: All views and opinions expressed in this column are solely of the interviewee, and they do not reflect in any way the opinion of Fibre2Fashion.com.

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