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Interview with Lin Jing

Lin Jing
Lin Jing
General Manager
Jiangsu New Victor Industrial
Jiangsu New Victor Industrial

New Chenille machine model to be launched in more countries in 2019

Jiangsu New Victor is a Chinese mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating product research and development, manufacturing, marketing and service. General manager Lin Jing offers updates on the latest Chenille and crochet technologies at the company.

What technologies did you showcase at ITMA Asia '18?

We displayed a new technology in Chenille yarn machine. We have been producing these machines since 1995, but until two years back, we used the same old technology. Now we have introduced a completely different machine, upgraded significantly from the older one. The earlier machine had a speed of 4,000 RPM, while the new one has a speed of 9,500 RPM, due to which the production capacity has more than doubled, while using the same amount of energy. The new technology is controlled by servo motors, while the older one was controlled mechanically. The new model is completely computerised, so when you change the yarn count, you just need to do it through the computer. This machine can produce yarn up to 18 nanometers (NM), while with the older technology it was only up to 8-10 NM. Finer counts of yarn can be produced now as against only coarse yarns in the older model.

To how many countries do you export?

The Chenille machine is exported to Syria, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Brazil and Indonesia among others.

How did the last nine months fare for you?

We had a very good 2018 mainly due to our crochet machines, for which too, we have updated the technologies and have now been able to double productivity. As a result, our sales have increased and nearly doubled. In 2006, our sales were RMB 1 billion, which increased to RMB 1.7 billion in 2017 and in first nine months of 2018, it has already touched RMB 2.3 billion.

What are your company's plans for 2019?

We will now be launching the new Chenille machine model in more countries in 2019 as we foresee a good market for the new technology. (HO)
Published on: 28/11/2018

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