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Interview with Francesco Gozio

Industry Speak
Francesco Gozio
Francesco Gozio
Head of Marketing

The 10-head CMX comber attains production speeds of 115 kg/hr

Italian company Marzoli is a leading manufacturer of the complete line of machines for opening, preparation and spinning of natural, man-made, technical and blending fibres. The company also offers innovative solutions for the non-woven industry. Head of marketing Francesco Gozio shares details about its latest innovations.

Please tell us in brief about your company.

The history of Marzoli dates back to 1851. It was started in Italy's Palazzolo, one of the most important textile districts in Europe. Marzoli is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe of complete lines for opening, preparing and spinning of natural, synthetic and technical fibres. Today, Marzoli is the global partner for the textile industry of the future and its objective is to be a solution provider by leveraging technical and technological know-how that is unique in the world.

What new technologies were showcased at ITMA 2019?

At ITMA we presented CMX, the new comber with 10 combing heads, to reach up to production speeds of 115 kg per hour. All our customers have been amazed by this new machine. Marzoli also presented a new spinning module with 24,000 spindles. This innovative module, compared to a standard layout with long machines, allows reduction in investment costs; 10 per cent savings on land, building and lighting costs; reduced operating costs; 4 per cent saving on conditioning; up to 9 per cent cost savings on internal logistics; and reduced unskilled labour. 

We also showed Marzoli Remote Maintenance (MRM), our patented software that allows a continuous monitoring of operation by analysing data from Marzoli or third-party machines. For customers, this means a reduction of machine downtime and a more effective and prompter maintenance. We also promoted our ring spinning frame MDS2, which offers 50 per cent of energy savings in suction and also the flexo roving FT640, which combines the advantages of a long machine with the efficiency and flexibility of shorter machines.

Another important novelty presented in ITMA was Trash Analyzer, for a constant analysis of waste. For an analysis of trash inside the raw material, Marzoli, in collaboration with Camozzi Digital, developed an app called TaomApp with which the customer takes a photo of the raw material and the app gives back a value that can be A, B, C or D. These four categories represent four different levels of trash. 

To how many countries do you export?

Marzoli has active clients in more than 70 countries, such as India, Egypt, Turkey, the United States, Spain, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Brazil and Argentina. In 2018, the most important market for Marzoli was Egypt, followed by Turkey and Pakistan.

Since how many years has your company been participating at ITMA?

Marzoli has been participating in ITMA probably since its inception.

What is your opinion of ITMA?

ITMA is absolutely the most important exhibition in our field. Participating in a prestigious event like this is fundamental to our company as we have the opportunity to compare with industry standards, to meet customers and potential customers. Moreover, ITMA is an occasion to share the high value of our digitalised solutions for the spinning of the future. (HO)
Published on: 17/07/2019

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