Interview with Eric Fessler
Eric Fessler
Eric Fessler
Area Sales Manager
N Schlumberger
N Schlumberger

ITMA is the most important exhibition for our business

Manufacturer of textile machinery and complete fibre-to-yarn lines, N Schlumberger is a global player in combing/recombing, spinning preparation, tow to top and semi-worsting of long staple fibres. Eric Fessler, area sales manager, speaks about addressing challenges through novel textiles solutions.

Please tell us about your company.

N Schlumberger was started in 1810 and we are still operating from the same location. Our textile division exports 100 per cent of production and our revenue is between €45-50 million. We offer textile machines like carding, scouring, combing, etc, to process long fibres like wool and acrylic, among others.

Did you launch any new technologies or show existing technologies at ITMA 2019?

At ITMA, we launched three upgraded technologies. The first is a combing machine. It is the same machine as before, but now all the drives are more electrical and electronic, as against the previous mechanical ones. All the settings can be done from a touch screen panel board. We also displayed a finisher machine. We introduced electrical and electronic drives where all the settings can be done from a panel board. Another machine we promoted is a chain gill machine, which prepares the sliver for spinning. In this machine also, we changed the drives.       

How many countries do you export to?

We export to around 60 countries. Our main export markets are China, India, Turkey, Iran, etc. 

Since when has your company been participating at ITMA?

We have been participating at ITMA since the first edition.

What is your opinion of ITMA, when you compare with other textile machinery exhibitions?

ITMA is the most important exhibition for us as we also display our machines, while in regional exhibitions we may not show the machines. We always launch new technologies at ITMA as the numbers of buyers are more. Decisionmakers also visited our stall. (RR) 

Published on: 10/07/2019

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