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Interview with Kuldeep Pareek

Industry Speak
Kuldeep Pareek
Kuldeep Pareek
GM-Sales & Marketing
Schoch Reeds India
Schoch Reeds India

Schoch Reeds setting up heald frame manufacturing facility in India

Italian company Schoch Reeds has been producing high-quality weaving reeds for textile looms since 1907. Kuldeep Pareek, general manager, sales and marketing, Schoch Reeds India Pvt Ltd, talks about the company's expansion plans in India.

Please tell us in brief about your company.

Schoch Reeds is an Italy-based reed manufacturing company, which started Indian operations in Kolhapur in 2009. We are a quality reed manufacturer and from this year, we have also started manufacturing healds, droppers and heald frames. Schoch Reeds plans to cover the entire spectrum of accessories for the weaving segment. The new products will focus on better delivery time and on providing quality products within India.

What new technologies did you showcase at ITMA 2019?

At ITMA, we displayed for the first time new products like heald frames, heald wires and droppers. The heald frames are made with high strength anodised aluminium alloy and with stainless steel rods. These frames are available for all type of shuttleless, while those manufactured from carbon fibre reinforcement are available for high speed looms. Lateral supports are designed for loom speeds and suitable for all major loom manufacturers. We also offer customised solutions. We will supply all types of heald frames from the existing design available in the market. For manufacturing heald frames, Schoch is in the process of setting up a heald frame manufacturing facility in India. Assembling and repairing facility will be available from July onwards. For heald frames, we have collaborated with Schroeder, which is in this business for long. So we will provide heald frames in the name of Schoch & Schroder. 

Manufacturing of heald wires require more precision. The heald wires are available in J-C shape. Here too, customised solutions are available. They are suitable for currently installed automatic drawing-in machines and are exclusively made with tempered stainless-steel quality for the demanding weaving industry. We have currently started manufacturing a single type of heald wire, and in near future, we will manufacture all types of healds. Drop wires are manufactured with a new and innovative technology. It has an extremely smooth finishing and is ideal for delicate yarns and is suitable for all drawing-in machines, and exclusively manufactured with tempered stainless-steel quality. We have already started manufacturing drop wires in India. Custom-made solutions can also be manufactured on demand. 

To how many countries do you export?

We export 20 per cent of our production and our major markets are Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and European countries.

Since how many years has your company been participating at ITMA?

We have been participating at ITMA since 2007.

What is your opinion of ITMA?

It is an international platform where buyers and suppliers can meet and discuss their requirements and needs. It is the best platform to promote and display new textile products. (HO)
Published on: 22/07/2019

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