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Interview with Herbert Guebeli

Industry Speak
Herbert Guebeli
Herbert Guebeli
Managing Director
Sedo Engineering
Sedo Engineering

Smart Indigo replaces chemicals with electricity in indigo dyeing

Switzerland-based Sedo Engineering develops technologies for the denim industry. Founded in 2014, the company's latest innovation, Smart Indigo, uses electricity instead of chemicals for indigo dyeing the denim fabrics. Managing director Herbert Guebeli spills the details about the technology and shares his experience at ITMA 2019, which was held from June 20 to 26 in Barcelona.

Please tell us a little about your company.

We began Sedo Treepoint 40 years back, while Sedo Engineering is a start-up, just five years old. Sedo Engineering focuses on developing technology for the denim industry. Environmental protection initiatives in the denim industry were very low, although progress has been made in other segments of the textile industry. That is why we decided to focus on this segment.

What new technologies did you showcase at ITMA 2019?

We introduced Smart Indigo, which is a unique technology. It replaces chemicals with electricity in the dyeing process of indigo denim fabric. Electricity is used to make the indigo dyeable. This is a very big step in reducing harm to the environment. The overall electricity consumption is one-sixth and carbon footprint is one-tenth of that in conventional indigo dyeing technologies. We have already sold this new technology in several countries.

Has Sedo Engineering been a part of the previous editions of ITMA?

We founded Sedo Engineering in 2014 and participated in ITMA 2015 for the first time.

Which are your major export markets?

Sedo Treepoint exports to all continents in the world.

What is your opinion of ITMA, when you compare that to other textile machinery exhibitions?

ITMA and other big textile machinery exhibitions in various countries are getting global now. We meet buyers from far away countries even in exhibitions held in India, Turkey or China. However, the quality of buyers visiting ITMA is very high since only decision makers visit. (HO)
Published on: 08/07/2019

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