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R Chinraj
R Chinraj
Suditi Industries Ltd
Suditi Industries Ltd

A fabric that merges comfort and style
The future of clothing as we know it is about to change as Suditi Industries Ltd (SIL), a three decade old company into fabric manufacturing, garmenting and retailing develops a new fabric called Ponte Venese. Built in association with Aditya Birla Group, the latest innovation is a mixture of viscose, nylon and spandex. In a tete-a-tete with Nivedita Jayaram Pawar, R Chinraj, President, Suditi Industries Ltd explains the multiple applications of this new fabric.

Tell us more about this new fabric Ponte Venese.

Ponte Venese is a modern fabric that is already catching up with domestic brands. A structured fabric made with softer materials like viscose, nylon and spandex it imparts a feel good factor on the body, drapes well and does not curl at the edges. This fabric is a boon to brands that want to highlight variation in their collections. The innovative techniques and treatments undertaken for the development of the fabric make it stitch-friendly and easy to work with. A double-knit interlock fabric that has stability and firmness in addition to flexibility and softness, Ponte Venese can be used in dresses, blazers, jackets, bottom wear and more structured pieces and hold its shape but still maintains comfort and gives ease of mobility. This fabric can be knitted from different types and weights of yarns. Use of elastane gives it an element of stretch and also an exceptional effect while printing or dyeing. It's a firm, stable knit which holds its shape well in a garment, increases longevity and helps the fabric to look good for longer.

What is it best suited for?

This fabric is great for leisure wear, active wear, fitted streamlined garments and even yoga wear. The versatility of this fabric allows a comfortable fit while still holding its shape and thus ensures multiple application of the garment. When used for women's bottom wear Ponte Venese gives the right amount of stretch without the use of drawstring or an additional elastic band. Even while making a long fitted streamlined dress, its falls right and makes one feel comfortable in.

What are the benefits of Ponte Venese to Indian brands?

Indian brands today are more inclined towards comfort wear as that is what the consumers are looking for. Ponte Venese is the apt fabric that suits their needs. As far as knits are concerned Ponte Venese is a dream fabric to work with. This double knitted fabric is incredibly stable, with edges that don't roll or fray during or after sewing. The fabric can withstand a steam iron, and in general doesn't wrinkle much at all. Our fabricators have innovated a fabric of good quality and guaranteed standards that meets the retailers as well as end consumers' needs.

Fabric development is a major area of concern in India. What are the challenges associated with it?

The Indian textile industry is currently one of the largest and most important sector in the economy in terms of output foreign exchange earnings and employment in India. The textile industry has the potential to scale new heights in the globalised economy. For long, no one paid much attention to the Indian textile industry. Most companies were in the gloom, mired in debt and struggling with over-capacity. The industry has to work hard, improvise certain areas of weaknesses and enhance its competitive strength not only to retain but also improve its position in the textile map of the world. The central and state government should work towards upgradation of areas such as technology, consistent power and water supply for fabric treatments, bring focus on other fabric developments taking place, improvement in quality and availability of raw materials and remove infrastructure bottlenecks.

What next for Suditi?

Currently we are working on innovative techniques to strengthen the textile arm. We at Suditi strive hard to perform and develop efficient fabric and techniques that will be acceptable in the textile industry, brands, retailers and end-users. In addtion to Ponte Venese, we have developed and introduced a fabric dyeing technique for Indian market which implements indigo effect on various colours. Due to certain constraints, indigo as an effect could be executed only on colours like blue and black. However, we have advanced a technique in our vicinity that holds the indigo effect on all colours. This technique is now put in use and will be soon seen in the market.
Published on: 24/02/2016

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