Interview with Bill Brewster

Bill Brewster
Bill Brewster
Vice-President and General Manager
Yunique Solutions
Yunique Solutions

Cloud-enabled YuniquePLM will enhance user experience
Bill Brewster, Vice-President (Sales and Marketing) at Yunique Solutions talks about the YuniquePLM software, its clientele, and future plans for the product in an interview with Brewster worked as vice-president (Marketing) for Konica Minolta USA, and has over twenty years of experience in software and business services marketing and product management.

What differentiates YuniquePLM from the other brands at Gerber Technology?

YuniquePLM is an enterprise solution that touches many functions in product development and sourcing, and the production value chain too. It is a platform that manages the process from concept and planning through to the store shelf. Some of our solutions can integrate such as AccuMark CAD system and our production automation through IOP technology which communicates and shares information with YuniquePLM platform.

What new features have been added to YuniquePLM V6?

New features announced for YuniquePLM V6 include line planning, calendar management (integrated across the application) and silhouette (block) management. As with every release, we continue to focus on usability and reducing the number of steps and clicks for different functions to perform their work more efficiently.

Can you list a few of your clients in the fashion, apparel and textile sector globally?

Just a few of our fashion clients around the world are Icicle, Kardem, DPAM, Moods of Norway, Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Kenneth Cole, and Lilla P.

How does your software foster speed in product lifecycle management?

It fosters speed by being a single version of truth, while enabling system users on both the client-end and partner-end to have access to information quickly and easily. YuniquePLM allows customers to work simultaneously across various functions such as planning, design, tech design, sourcing, etc. It also allows better collaboration internally and externally with supply chain partners. We reduce time in the sampling process by our ability to do virtual sampling by visualising and annotating with online communication tools. YuniquePLM eliminates the possibility of errors by ensuring people have the most up-to-date data and everyone is working off the latest design changes. Our workflow and calendar tools manage workflows to allow very high level of visibility of everything in the process by seeing all the steps to identify issues and make corrections or adjustments for better management of the critical path.

What features do you expect to integrate in the coming years in your PLM software?

We have now made YuniquePLM cloud-enabled to serve our customers, and will continue to integrate more with our CAD and other Gerber solutions to streamline the product lifecycle process. We will use our customer's feedback to enhance our industry-leading user experience.

What are your financial targets for the year 2015-16?

The company prefers not to release financial targets for the year.

How was your fiscal 2014-15?

Our growth continues to move forward with more than 130 YuniquePLM customers around the world, including the 23 customers added in 2014. We continue to lead the industry, and be the preferred choice for PLM in the fashion industry.
Published on: 23/03/2015

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