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Sandro Corpina
Sandro Corpina
Managing Director

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Bedding manufacturing and exporting
In about 25 countries


What is the current scenario of the bedding products industry and how do you foresee its growth in the market?

Quality of life in many respects is dependent on healthy and restful sleep. Insufficient or poor sleep leads to a deterioration in physical and mental performance, concentration and resilience, mood, and deterioration of numerous organic functions. To attain our idea of the perfect night’s sleep, we create brand articles of the highest quality, both in terms of materials and the environmentally responsible manufacturing processes we employ. Down and feather bedding products such as feather beds, duvets and pillows are designed with the sleeper in mind.

Dauny/billerbeck and Schlossberg bedding down duvets are Swiss quality products.High quality bedding is manufactured keeping in mind the perfect choice of filling as the top-class duvet is the result of the perfect combination of the best of filling. Down and feather used in the bedding industry is natural, biodegradable and environment friendly. The quilts manufactured from them are recyclable and softer. The market for the bedding industry is uncertain.

The prices for goose down (and also for duck down) have raised up to +200% in the last two years. The price rise had a very negative impact on the sales and many producers in the low-price-range have been struggling under this huge pressure. Apart from that, it is getting more and more difficult to transfer further price increases to the end product.

The global consumer market has been extremely polarized by those price increases of the raw material and has split into

 a popular range with very low quality and low price – products, mainly supplied by Asian producers;

 a rather medium to high – product range coming from Eastern Europe

an absolutely premium product range, being manufactured in Western Europe and Switzerland.

We expect the market to be more volatile and unpredictable in the future. There will be no more stability regarding quantities and prices, and therefore a lower shopping confidence of the end consumers. Consequently this will lead to a new understanding of high quality products and an increase of the brand-awareness in the high- and premium product range. Because only reliable brands can transmit the confidence consumers need when they invest in better sleep.

Published on: 06/12/2013

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