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How do you see the organic cotton sector shaping up in the next three years? Any particular reason why you think so?

Organic will be the first choice of an environment-conscious person


With 'sustainability' being the in-thing today, the demand for organic cotton is witnessing a significant rise. Some of the top executives of Indian fashion industry, whom Fibre2Fashion spoke to, are unanimous in painting a positive future for organic cotton.

Organic cotton comes with a lot of benefits. From being skin-friendly and to being environment-friendly, organic cotton demand has seen a significant rise in the last couple of years. With the shift in fashion choices moving towards flaunting stylish yet comfortable clothing, many designers have also upgraded their range to use organic fabrics. Hence, we do see a good growth potential in organic cotton fabric in the next 3-4 years.

The term 'organic' automatically adds value to the product in any industry. It is perceived as a superior product. The challenge organic cotton faces is that it is considerably higher priced than its local counterpart. With demand increasing considerably and economies of scale setting in, organic cotton prices will be lower and has positive future.

We see a growth of 20 per cent per annum, the only reason being the increase in demand for cotton fabrics.

As people are becoming more aware of what they spend their money on, organic will be the first choice of an environment-conscious person. This will help the organic cotton industry to grow rapidly in the near future.

Organic cotton has seen an increase in demand, due to the eco-conscious consumer, who's looking to purchase only natural fibres.


Published on: 04/08/2017

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