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Mr E Saiprabhu
Mr E Saiprabhu
Mallur Siddeswara Spinning Mills (P) Ltd

Company Details

Business Area:
Manufacturer & Merchant Exports of Cotton Yarn
Rs. 40 Crores
Export Capabilities:
1000 tonnes per annum


With the support of facts and figures on production/consumption, can you describe the sector's current state?

This sector has been faring well till 2009-10. However, this sector is facing tremendous difficulties during the current year due to heavy cotton price, labor shortage and restriction on exports, restrictions on consumption of power (though we have wind mills to cater the needs of the mill to the entire capacity of production, we are also restricted to utilize the same fully)  etc.

World production/consumption of cotton (year wise) is as under
Qty/Million tones

Year                                          2004-05         2005-06          2006-07        2007-08        2008-09          2009-10

Production                              27.00              25.68               26.75             26.02             23.52               21.78
Consumption                         23.58              24.99                26.42            26.50             23.52               24.61

It may be seen from the above that cotton consumption has been increasing every year except the year 2008-09 during which period global recession was existing. However, production has started declining due to area under cotton cultivation has come down drastically in USA and China. This has resulted in shortage of cotton globally. In the above circumstances unless the cotton production volume is increased globally to the original level of the year 2004-05, the existing uncertainty in the global cotton industry will continue.

However, cotton production in countries like India has already started increasing from the year 2005. Now demand for Indian cotton textile has increased tremendously in the world market. Now the biggest question mark is how to distribute the benefit out of the above demand among all the stakeholders such as farmer, ginner, spinner, weaver, garment sector etc. Continuous debate is going on to set right the problems. Till such time any one of the stakeholder will prosper/lose.


Published on: 29/03/2011

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