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Mr Charlie Chow
Mr Charlie Chow
Technical Director
Nano-Group Holdings Ltd

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Business Area:
Nanotech Consultant & Nano material supplier for - Textile & Garment, Hotel Laundry, Cosmetics, Down & Feather
Export Capabilities:
USD 200,000/ monthly


How do you see Nanotechnology revolutionizing the world of textile materials?

I would like to draw attention towards two important methods of application of Nanotechnology in the textile industry. First method prevailing till day, produce a range of effects through the application of nano scale particles onto fabrics. The other, which is soon going to be the future trend in applications by spinning yarns with nanofibers, is likely to revolutionize the textile industry, immensely.

At present, we can use Nano scale Fluorocarbon particles to produce a liquid repellent, self-cleaning ‘Lotus effect’. Silver nano particles kill bacteria, making clothing odor free and protecting the wounds against common bacteria like the E Coli, Staphylococcus. Nano scale Titanium Dioxide particles allow us to reduce the harmful effects of UV rays.

For the future, we are working on the development of conductive E. Textiles, Smart fabrics and Wearable electronics. Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) spun with yarn will give ballistic resistance to fabrics to make bullet-proof vests and explosion-proof blankets.

Nanofiber clothing will also save lives by giving protection against exposure to toxic chemicals. Nano-sensors can monitor and react to body temperature or heart-beats. Self-shaping fabrics will be able to return to their original shape.

Imagine wearing clothes which could protect you from a terror incident like a bomb or a chemical reaction on the subway. For the fashion conscious, designer’s suits will remain catwalk sharp even after years of wear and tear. At the very least these advances will be life -enhancing. Ultimately though, textile technology could be life saving.


Published on: 24/02/2011

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