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What are your company’s plans for 2019? What plans for ITMA Barcelona that’s slated for June 2019?

We will promote latest technologies at ITMA Barcelona

At the recent ITMA Asia 2018 event in Shanghai, Fibre2Fashion spoke to few exhibitors about their company's plans for 2019 and the technologies that they would display at ITMA Barcelona next year.

We manufacture assembly winders and twister machines. Next year, we plan to start a manufacturing facility in India, as costs are lower there. As of today, we have not sold any machines in India, but once we start a plant, we may be able to focus on that country. At ITMA Barcelona, we will be showing new technology in twisting. This technology will further reduce energy costs.

We are part of the CHTC Group, which is the biggest textile machinery producer group in China and the world. Yes, we are participating in ITMA Barcelona and our booth will be one of the biggest in the exhibition. We will promote a number of cotton and man-made fibre processing machines.

We are manufacturers of production lines to produce polyester chips. In 2019, we want to expand our business in India and also explore new markets like Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, etc. We are taking part in ITMA Barcelona mainly to look for new buyers. We will be showing upgraded technologies of our existing machines.

We have a strong background in nonwoven machinery with regards to designing innovative technologies. We are in the process of testing of high-speed needle punching machines, with seven-metre width and will be promoting this technology at ITMA Barcelona.

We are into diamond technologies for fabric surface finishing. The Chinese and southeast Asian markets are huge, and demand is high. We are planning to participate in ITMA Barcelona. We will be showing innovations, which are not still available in the market. We are also planning to increase sales in southeast Asia, as well as the South American and the US markets.

We produce fabric testing equipment. Currently, we export to around 10 countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Russia, Middle East countries, Australia, etc. For 2019, we plan to explore more countries for export. Recently we took part in an exhibition in Turkey. Next year, we plan to go for ITMA Barcelona and also a fabric exhibition in Germany. At ITMA Barcelona, we will show some new developments in fabric testing as we innovate new technologies continuously. This year alone, we have launched 10 new testing equipment. We take patents for most of our machines.

At ITMA Asia we displayed an automatic quilting line, which is a new technology. We showed only a part of the whole line. We are taking part in ITMA Barcelona but yet to decide on what we will be showing, but as always it will be updated and latest technologies.

We offer valves with three, four and five lines. These valves are used to direct the flow of polymers. Currently, we are exporting to countries in Asia like India, Egypt, Korea, Japan, etc. Next year, we want to start exports to developed markets like Europe and so we will take part in a few exhibitions in the region.

We produce rotor spinning machines, rapier looms, two for one twisters and automatic winders. For 2019, we have plans to increase our market share in the Asian region, namely in countries like India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, etc.

We completed 70 years this year and we manufacture spinnerets for man-made fibre spinning and also nonwovens industry. We export to more than 20 countries like China, Taiwan, India, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Turkey, etc. This year, we had to put extra efforts to keep up with the sales we generated in the same period of the previous year.

We are a 10-year-old company and are into manufacturing of twisting and winding machines. These high-speed machines are for polyester filament yarns and are of the latest design. We export to many countries like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Peru, Turkey, Taiwan, etc.

We showcased paper transfer and paperless transfer printing technologies at ITMA Asia. We have filed more than 64 patents till date and 30 more are in the pipeline. So far, we export only to countries in southeast Asia, but now we plan to export to India, Bangladesh and Turkey in 2019. Since our technologies are environment friendly, the demand for our machines has gone up.

We are taking part in ITMA Asia, but as of now we have still not decided what to show.

We have been taking part in the European edition of ITMA since 1960. We will be showing various kinds of roller coverings. Our roller coverings offer 2-3 times more durability than the cheaper roller coverings.

In 2019, we want to expand to new countries as Asian markets are witnessing slowdown. We will also try to increase our market share in the countries that we export. India is the second biggest export market for us.

For 2019, we plan to focus more on existing markets and increase our market share, particularly Mexico. But at the same time, we will also explore new markets like in Africa. At ITMA Barcelona, we are going to show the latest Raschel machine, with a new structure and features.

India is one the biggest markets for our products. So, in 2019 we will focus more on the Indian market. We will also be taking part in ITMA Barcelona and will be showing superior technology ceramics products for both knitting and polyester manufacturing.

We are not taking part in ITMA Barcelona as the show is mainly for the European market and we are mainly focused on the Asian and African markets.

Published on: 02/11/2018

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