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Subhashini Srinivasan
Subhashini Srinivasan
The S Studio

Ethnicwear market will see an upward trend if uniqueness and quality are maintained


How is the market for ethnicwear or Indutvas growing in India? How has this market changed? What factors influence the growth of this market?

The market for ethnicwear in India and abroad has been growing steadily in the last decade as Indian handloom fabrics and sarees are gradually getting due recognition. With good exposure to online shopping and through apps in mobile phones, the need to go to a physical store to shop is now less. Consumers are able to shop for ethnicwear from the comfort of their homes. With long summers in India, the need to choose fabrics and sarees that suit our weather conditions has become a necessity and Indian ethnicwear is greatly appreciated by the corporate community also as workwear.

There has been a revival of ethnicwear in the recent past due to customer appreciation and due to government campaigns like Make in India. This market is definitely going to see an upward trend if uniqueness and quality of products are maintained.

With more exposure to handloom products and crafts of various regions in India, consumers are able to appreciate a genuine product that is handmade or handcrafted. Their value has grown manifold in the past few years, which has led to a steady growth for the ethnicwear segment, especially sarees. The growing number of e-commerce startups which cater to the ethnicwear segment has helped consumers compare and buy what they really need and at a genuine price. Hence, the market for quality handloom products with a designer touch has greatly increased.

People's awareness about the exclusiveness of a handcrafted product is extremely important for the growth of indutvas. With the cost of making these products increasing due to lack of labour, it is important that the makers receive proper remuneration to continue making such quality ethnic wear.

Sourcing authentic raw material has been the prime factor for The S Studio as we believe only good fabric can give the end product  --- the saree or the kurta --- a wonderful feel and finish. We work directly with handloom weavers all over India to get the best saree or a good quality base fabric. This is then used for creating sarees using various techniques like hand block printing, embroidery and hand painting.

Published on: 08/03/2017

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