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Mr. Anil Sharma
Mr. Anil Sharma
Winsome Group

Company Details

Business Area:
Yarn & fabric manufacture
USD 75 million
Export Capabilities:
50% export, 50% domestic
Far East, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Mauritius, China, HongKong, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Europe, South Africa, East Europe, Russia, Latim America, Central America & North America


Your group is a dab hand in yarn business. Please apprise us with your outlook on global yarn market shaping amidst upheavals in raw material industry.

India is the second largest spinner of yarn in the world next only to China. Also, India is the largest exporter of the yarn in the world.

Following are the opportunities and threats that we are going to face in the global yarn market


Availability of raw materials

India is fortunate to have world’s 2nd largest production of Cotton fibre and 2nd largest production of man-made fibre. This gives India a sharp edge over other countries to expand its production base. India is going to be net surplus in availability of both - man made fibres and cotton and availability of local raw material is assured.

Demand for Textile products in general

Even though there is stagnation to fall in the population of developed nations, but, overall there is still growth in the world population. Also, there is healthy increase in the middle class population in developing nations. This is going to be a fuel for growth in the demand for Textile Industry in future.

Demand of Yarn from China

China and Hongkong are one of the largest importers of our 100% cotton yarn. Also, there is shift in the policy of China and they are already in the process of slowing the investment in spinning industry and to focus more upstream on the value chain. Indian Spinning Industry will gain directly from this China policy with increase in cotton yarn exports. 


Published on: 09/05/2012

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