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Viral Desai
Zenitex Mill Pvt Ltd

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What is your annual turnover? What is your USP? Tell us about your major green initiatives. What are the challenges that SMEs face in keeping it green?

Zenitex, an SME, is a process house which dyes nylon and polyester dupattas and dress materials. It is a contract-based dyeing and finishing unit. In the coming years, we are planning to expand into new products like scarves, stoles, and dupattas. We are also considering organic fabrics for expansion. Every product of Zenitex has a part going to charity and greenery.

Our turnover is about ₹10-12 crore. Quality, service, innovation and cost-effectiveness are areas in which we excel. We do this through a combination of product design and development, process innovation and cost controls in our manufacturing and supply chain operations. We are committed towards industry focus on people, technology and more critically the environment. The continuous optimisation of operational and production process screening at Zenitex creates maximum cost efficiency by using resources optimally. Energy optimisation at Zenitex is built around the core principles of resource productivity, consumer safety, air and water emissions, and last but not the least occupational health and safety.

Zenitex stands for green. We believe in the philosophy that a business that makes nothing but money is poor business. Our belief is that the major stakeholder in the business is the community, in which our industry operates and hence, there has to be a direct involvement and interaction towards the well-being of the society in which we operate. 

The long-term goal of Zenitex is environmental protection. Over the years, we have been successful in achieving goals of energy conservation. This drive has been greatly appreciated and won us several awards in energy conservation. Some unique measures taken to promote energy conservation and make Zenitex greener include:  
  • Installation of variable frequency drives/inverters on all machines and utilities in the process plant
  • Installation of windmill-based power generation, reducing carbon emission and carbon footprint by investing in renewable energy; Rainwater harvesting systems to conserve water
  • Installation of LED and CFL lighting in the entire processing unit
  • Heat recovery and reuse of de-pressurised waste steam 
  • Green cover plantation that boasts of more than 1,500 trees and plants in the campus, drip irrigation facilitates for water conservation
  • Organising regular health and safety campaigns and free medical check-up camps for employees
  • Installation of auto fuel feeding system and special nozzle fire bed for boiler facilitates thermal savings and controls pollution
Zenitex is considering sharing its production abilities with textile industries worldwide. Recognised by the state and central governments, Zenitex promises a sustainable plug-and-play facility, which comes with expertise in energy conservation management. 

When a largescale industry accomplishes its energy conservation target, it earns PAT (Perform, Achieve and Trade) certifications, which they can trade with other non-performing industries. Similarly, for large industries and corporates earning carbon credits and trading them is done easily. On the other hand, an SME like Zenitex, which completely operates on windmill generated electricity and is earning carbon credits, finds it difficult to sell its carbon credits with no buyer due to the small earnings. We feel that such SMEs should be encouraged and taken care of by providing them buyers for the carbon credits at good rates and this can be done by governing bodies and energy conservation watchdogs so that other SMEs are also inspired from these benefits and switch over to green energy. If a large cluster of SMEs dedicate themselves to green energy, it will be one big step towards the GoGreen initiative. 

Published on: 28/11/2016

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