Body language tools that work for your career
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Body language tools that work for your career

Body language tools that work for your career
Eight per cent of all communication happens non-verbally. This suggests that extra attention needs to be paid to our body language which has a higher impact on how messages are understood. To limit knowing the skills of having a certain body language for the sake of an interview is not enough. In a competitive world one needs to prepare for the future too. The following tricks will give you a gist of handy non-verbal communication tools one can use at work to convey messages more effectively:
According to Dr. Carol Goman, an author, who has penned several books on using the art of body language, in order to show agreement at work, send engagement signals like flashing a smile, nodding, and mirroring gestures.  A smile can work wonders provided if you learn to use it more judiciously. It does convey affirmative signals and friendliness. But be careful to ditch it while something important or serious is being discussed. Smiling also relieves stress and makes difficult tasks seem simpler.
Using your hand while speaking or during a presentation is sign of confidence and portray how passionate you are. Use too much and you might get pursued as indecisive or even nervous. At times where you need to be authoritative limit your movement above the waist to show power and calmness.
Tilting one’s head and torso towards a speaking individual shows that you are listening. Nodding and leaning forward also demonstrates attentiveness. Tilting one’s head to the sides illustrates concern and sympathy but while you are in a decision making mode, make sure to keep your head straight. To make a connection with someone immediately a good handshake is enough. Firm hands and a square posture are professionally recommended. 
In order to join forces or being open to being a team player, Goman suggests, removing all barriers. It is important to move every physical hindrance to get a complete view of the person. When you place an actual thing like a book or a cup in between while interacting, it sends across a message of distancing yourself from the other.
These useful guidelines will help you get through as an effective communicator at your office and in your career.

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