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Dress for the job you want

Dress for the job you want
“Clothes make the man”, said Mark Twain. Along with an impressive resume and cover letter, what one wears is quite important for a job interview. Looking good and presentable increases your confidence and helps you perform better. Most of the time it depends on the organization and its working environment to let you know what to be wearing for an interview but the following are a few general tips to help you choose the right attire:
Do your homework a couple of days before the interview is scheduled. If you have a friend working at the company or a similar company, find out what sort of dress code is acceptable and what is not. Is it strictly professional? Or is it more employee- friendly? The key is to tailor your outfit to suit that of the organization.
Most companies are completely professional about their dressing etiquettes, while there are some that are more liberal. For men, a two-piece suit in black, dark grey or navy blue is preferable, with a formal tie, wrist watch, mid-calf length socks, and a good pair of shoes. While for women, a classic suit in darker shades or a skirt ensemble (covering the thighs completely) with mid-length heels and minimal make-up is perfect. 
In case if you do not have any knowledge of the company’s dress culture, it is always safe to carry a formal blazer. If you think the place is less formal you can always throw the blazer in your bag, otherwise, keep it on.
Three things men should avoid – dressy shirts, funky or character ties, and formal shorts. Things women should avoid – low neck shirts, excessive jewellery, unreasonable high heels, tote bags, and mini-skirts.
Just putting on a suit isn’t enough. It is essential to groom yourself too. Clean and trimmed nails are a pre-requisite not just for women. Stick to minimal make-up in nude shades rather than loud bright ones. A clean shave is ideally expected but if you wish to keep your facial hair, make sure it is well groomed.
Every industry requires different standards to be maintained when it comes to dressing. Hence researching about the company and the industry to replicate their dress code aptly is best thing to do before a job interview.

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