Tips and tricks to be heard at meetings
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Tips and tricks to be heard at meetings

Tips and tricks to be heard at meetings
Giving presentations and attending meetings is a nightmare at workplaces for a lot of individuals. Making attempts to put across your point and being heard can be really difficult for many employees. However, one cannot let such fears come in the way of making a successful career. 
The best way to dodge the nervousness and dreadful thoughts is to be prepared and confident to face such situations. The following tips and tricks can help you work miracles at office meetings:

Choose the right words. Be creative and use powerful words to express yourself and your idea.
Be your own critique. Prepare yourself with responses to questions you might have to deal with. Don’t get aggressive or defensive if somebody points out an honest flaw with your idea. Practice in front of close friends and family.
It’s essential to get your body language right too. Show interest and pay attention to others in the meeting. Hunching and crossing your arms are signs of insecurity. Keep your head straight, use hand gestures, and smile to show your confidence.
Do not interrupt while someone’s trying to put across their ideas. Wait for a pause and the right time to speak up. Just in case, you get interrupted, politely ask that individual to wait until you finish.
Send an e-mail in advance about how eager you are to discuss a few points you think can be helpful; or as a reply to a meeting confirmation mail to let people know you have some interesting insights to share or have a conversation about it at the water cooler.
Make sure you work on your speech to keep it concise and to the point. Hone your thinking to speak fast yet clearly.
Participating in meetings does not just mean speaking; listening attentively also goes a long way. Get to know the way things get communicated at meetings in your organization and prepare yourself accordingly.
Office meetings are a great way to prove your potential and express your ideas to improve your position and to impress your seniors. Think of meeting rooms as a stage to display your performance and a medium to demonstrate your contribution to the organization.

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