How to stay organized at work?
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How to stay organized at work?

How to stay organized at work?
Managing things at work can be tiresome. There are always times when we have too much on our plate and are in the rush to get things done but never really organize them. A regular “to-do” list is not enough. One needs to lay out  a concrete plan and follow it diligently. 

The following simple steps can help you prioritize and be more productive at work:

Cleaning the space around you allows one to think more clearly. Begin with keeping your office desk or work station organized. You do not want to see a messy place first thing in the morning at work.
Be ahead of time and maintain a calendar to record future meetings, report submissions, or targets to be achieved. Refer to it time and again to prevent you from getting distracted and remain focused.
 If it’s easier to call or Skype and communicate don’t waste time sending e-mails and waiting for confirmations. Stop comparing yourself to your peers at work. Everyone deals with the same task in different ways. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Even in times of great pressure it’s important to take a break to get back to what you were doing. 
Learn to manage files and folders, physical and electronic ones. Cultivate a habit of dealing with each file at that very moment. If it’s of importance store it in an appropriate assigned folder and if it isn’t trash it immediately. Less clutter is less stress.
Do not get into the rut of multi-tasking. Instead take up one job at a time to use time more wisely. Research shows that multi-tasking affects your brain negatively in terms of focus and memory. Avoid procrastinating and take the task that needs most time first.
It could be the hardest thing on this list but put your smartphone aside and unplug to pay more attention on work.

There are different things that help people stay organized at work. Find out what works best for you and stick to that system. It won’t be necessary to stay in till late provided you learn to manage your time more efficiently at work.

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