10 ways to be more productive at work everyday
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10 ways to be more productive at work everyday

10 ways to be more productive at work everyday
Every person with a job has deadlines to meet, reports to prepare, mails to be responded, and calls to be made. A working professional needs to wear many hats to get a job done. This requires one to do more with less. By implementing certain practices one make their everyday worklife more productive. Follow these simple tips for the next 21 days to form a habit:
1. Set targets for yourself – Stay committed to the set goal and do not take up any other work before you complete it. For instance if you need to make cold calls for sales then make sure you don’t budge before making 100 calls. The key is to stick to it till you achieve it.
2. Plan a night before – Prepare yourself for the next morning, a day in advance. Decide what needs to be accomplished and how much time will you devote it. Giving your day a little direction helps stay stress free and efficient at work.
3. Deal with the nightmares first – Pick up the most dreadful task first thing at work and deal with such things as early and as quickly as possible.
4. Pick a time – There is a certain time of the day when an individual is the most productive. For some it is the last few hours of the day, while for some it is right after their first cup of coffee. Take up the most important work of the day during that specific time to complete it.
5. Snack healthy – The kind of food you eat affects you energy at work. Quit snacking on junk and switch to healthy items like protein bars, nuts, fruits to keep you active at work.
6. Turn off all communication – There is nothing more distracting than a buzz or a ping on phone. Keep all your communications at hold until you finish off your crucial work. If required aloof yourself from the office environment if you do not want to be disturbed while you’re in the middle of something.
7. Learn to say no – If possible assign or delegate work to help you. It can be very difficult at times but instead of making false claims and promises it is better to say no.
8. Pace up – Increase the speed of working and doing other things at work faster. By doing mundane things like walking, typing, talking, and reading swiftly you can buy more time.
9. Club similar jobs together – Do all the mailing, filing, calling, and writing, at a time. By doing so you will waste less time and be more effective.
10. Use a timer – Setting a timer for a task at work can help focus better. Even if it takes longer than estimated, you will be closer to completion.

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