Off beat career options for textile and fashion enthusiasts II
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Off-beat career options for textile and fashion enthusiasts - II

Off-beat career options for textile and fashion enthusiasts - II
The field of textiles and fashion now has to offer promising new career choices and unique jobs to be catered to. Apart from the interesting work opportunities listed in our previous article, the following are some more options for individuals who aspire to make a career in this field:

6. Garment Technologist – A sound know-how about the production process of garments is necessary. From designing to manufacturing, an understanding of all the stages is handled by a garment technologist. Knowledge of textile properties, technical faults and solutions, and working along with a team is expected from this sort of a job role. By and large apparel retailers big and small employ them. 

7. Swimwear/Lingerie Designer – There is immense potential for individuals wanting to pursue a career especially in this sector. A clear intellect for creating structured and unstructured swimwear and lingerie products is required. Working with CAD (Computer Aided Designing) and making sketches are a part and parcel of the job. Moreover, the individual must have keen sense of contoured fashion and the ability to predict future trends in such a market. Insight for form, colour, and shape are essential to design products like bras, pants, vests, shapewear, and sleepwear. 

8. Milliner – A very rare professional career option for textile and apparel design graduates. A milliner specializes in the art of creating hats. But not the off the rack ones, but intricately crafted and the innovative ones. Exceptional designing and artistic skills, along with good technical abilities are needed. As a milliner one gets to design haute couture, high street, and designer wear hats for clients. 

9. Technical Textile Designer – Designing technical textiles requires one to comprehend textile structures, fabric composition, design skills, and textile chemistry. Conducting research, tests, and thinking creatively is expected from this job role. Knowledge of CAD programmes and ability to carry on projecst for solution finding fabrics are some necessities of this role. Developing product prototypes according to the fibre and fabric specification is the task of a technical textile designer. 

10. Textile Colour Technologist – If blending colours and dyes has been your fantasy then the role of a colour technologist is apt for you. Along with scientific perception, one will require a good vision to match shades, create mood boards, and test new dyes. Large and medium scaled yarn, wool, fibres, and textile makers employ colour technologists to produce dyes and pigments for various products. 
The above job roles prove that there are many possibilities once you decide to be a part of the textile, apparel, or fashion industry. One can also become a Knitwear designer, a museum curator or a trend forecaster, because the opportunities are endless.

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