How to make it in the world of Fashion?
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How to make it in the world of Fashion?

How to make it in the world of Fashion?
Whether it is a young fashion graduate or a person who has always dreamt of making a career in this industry, there are many questions that emerge to making and getting it right. The fashion industry can look very glamorous from the outside, but a lot of work happens behind the scenes. 
The following is a guide to help you to be prepared and become a part of the industry.

Unlike most industries where you need to pursue a degree to have a sound knowledge of that field, the fashion industry appreciates diversity, is open to accepting people from non-fashion backgrounds, and believes it adds perspective to the craft. Hence you can up your game by understanding the basics and general history of Fashion.

Reach out to the people in the industry who inspire you. Writing an honest e-mail or a cover letter to a fashion house, designer, or a magazine you wish to work with can be extremely useful. If not a full time, you can get an offer to work on a project or intern with them, which can land you a job in future.

Exhibit your creativity. If you are good at styling, then make look-books, or sketches of some your designs, or put together a mini-magazine, and if words are your friends then write about a latest trend or a collection you admire. Having a small proof of your work helps open a window into understanding your sensibility and creativity. Being entrepreneurial about your career in fashion can definitely increase your chances of getting hired.

Having a digital presence worth noticing can also take you to places. A lot of recruiters these days visit social accounts of candidates. For a fashion recruit the colors, prints, editing, and quirky captions to interesting pictures matter the most. Again this gives them a sneak peak of your perspectives and sensibilities.

To make it in the fashion industry, one has to train themselves to be hustler, and always learn to say yes to everything. It not only shows your willingness to learn things but also taking more work is a great way of displaying how responsible you are. This can also expand your role in a job.

Keep in mind to do a thorough research before you head for an interview. Dig for information on the interviewer, their past or present work, latest news, and updates on the organization. The last thing you want to do is have a blank expression when they hit you with a question. 

Most of all do not forget to be yourself. It is very easy to get lost in an industry that has so many creative minds working towards achieving one goal. But remember projecting what is unique about you will make you stand out.

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