How to get the right look for a job interview?
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How to get the right look for a job interview?

How to get the right look for a job interview?
Once you land a job interview, there’s a big checklist of things you need to start working on. The most indecisive question however remains what to wear for your interview? It is certainly not the only thing that will get the job, but is definitely a part of creating a good impression.  
The following tips and guidelines will help put an end to the nightmare of what to wear for an interview:

The first golden rule to dressing for a job interview is, whether wearing formal or professional attire is a pre-requisite or not, always choose to wear something formal. Most of the corporate organizations require their employees to be in formal wear. Not necessarily in a suit always, but in formal shirts and trousers for men, and shirts/blouses, trousers, skirts, and dresses for women.

While picking the right outfit for an interview make sure you feel comfortable wearing it. It’s better to choose clothes that you have already worn than absolutely new ones. But if you still can’t resist the urge of wearing something new, be sure of doing a test run before the interview day. Certain outfits might look good while we are standing but while sitting it might not look that appealing. Pull up a chair and sit in front of a mirror to spot any problem areas with your outfit.

A perfectly tailored outfit suggests that you are meticulous and pay attention to details. Hence it is necessary to give importance to the fit of your clothes. If you choose to wear a stylish skirt then the hemline should be right at your knee, not too long and not too short. Set the length of your trousers right too. It shouldn’t drag on the floor and must touch the tops of your shoes.

Wearing blue for an interview is highly recommended by hiring managers and human resource professionals. Hues of blue convey that a person is trustworthy and credible. However, if the interview is for a creative position, wearing darker shades like navy blue can send across signals of being too conservative. It is better to stick to shades of black, blue, and grey for outfits for an interview. Reserve orange and purple for interviews in a creative field.

Complete your interview look with a closed toe shoes. Make sure they are clean and polished. It certainly is not an occasion to wear your sky-high heels. Stick to nude or dark coloured footwear. Keep accessories minimal. A simple watch or a pearl necklace is enough to complement your interview look.

No matter how nervous or scared you are always begin your interview with a smile. There is no better accessory than a bright smile. This will also help you stay confident and positive during the course of the interview. 

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