How to nail a telephone interview?

Many companies and businesses are slowly moving from the conventional personal interviews to telephone interviews. It is also being used as a means of screening candidates to narrow down on a selected few applicants for the final round of recruitment. This requires candidates to prepare specially for telephone interviews too. The following are some guidelines that can help one swing interviews in their favour:

?Do your homework and keep your resume, list of accomplishments, and questions you need to ask handy. Having a piece of paper and pen to take notes during the interview also is helpful. Keep a glass of water at your disposal.

?Schedule and know the time of the interview to be available on call. In case if youre busy driving or are in an elevator, explain the situation and fix another time.

?Address the interviewer by his/her last name only. Settle yourself down in a quiet place with decent connection to avoid disturbances.

?Use your vocal patterns since other non-verbal gestures will be invisible to the interviewer. Excitement and a clear voice can go a long way. Speaking slowly and pausing after every thought is recommended to give the interviewer a chance to respond.

?Time your talk. Make sure you do not speak for more than a minute at a time. Keep your answers brief. Taking a moment to recollect your idea and then responding is acceptable.

?Standing and smiling increases energy and affects the tone of voice, so does dressing well. Such things communicate professionalism and have a positive influence on your state of mind.

?Before hanging up ask the interviewer about the next step and inquire about when to follow up. Do not forget to thank the interviewer and send a mail expressing your courtesies.

Once the interview is over take time to ponder on the notes taken and points stressed by the interviewer.

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