Starting a new job is feeling the mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement. There are so many adjustments to be made, knowing and learning new things, and most of all getting acquainted with the new people. It also is the time when you want to create a great impression, and get along with your colleagues. 
The following is a guide to what not to do, to help you get through the first month smoothly at a new job:

The most basic rule to follow at any new work place is to always be punctual. Being late at work does not go well with any kind of organization. Learn to manage your time and leave early, to dodge traffic, especially during your first month.

Every company has their own set of issues and drawbacks. So it is better to have an open mind and accept things, rather than pointing them out to your new colleagues, and being judgemental about it. As a newbie, one must understand the culture of the office, and work processes to comprehend the big picture.

Everyone wants to put their best foot forward during their probationary period to impress their new bosses and managers. Showing your skills and passion for work is good, but remember not to overdo it. By being highly enthusiastic you are not just making your co-workers look bad but also raising the bar for yourself. Hence curb your excitement and embrace the routine flow of work instead of going out of your way.

In all circumstances avoid being a part of a group of gossip mongers. Being a part of office politics is certainly frowned upon. So keep yourself at an arms length from such people and do not indulge in spreading rumours.

Avoid making posts or comments about a new job on social media sites. Little things posted online can somewhere hamper your career so refrain from updating any positive or negative comments.

It is nice to be-friend your colleagues and co-workers in a new organization. But make sure you do not share too much about yourself. While you are still new and trying to get familiar with everyone around you never know when or how someone can use information against you.

Every organization has cliques and groups that gel together and share similar ideologies. You may relate to them and want to join them. But it is advisable to not take sides and be involved in any groupism. By staying neutral and objective you can learn a lot of things from all kinds of people at work.
Stay casual, have an open mind, and have conversations with everyone to connect at work. Eventually one knows who can be trusted and who cant.