There is never a day that goes without searching for some information or content on Google. Much like other activities it is by default a task everyone performs at work for various purposes. Knowing certain search tools will not only make you the technology expert at work, but also lead to better results of what you are looking for. 

With the help of the following tips and tricks you can refine the job of searching and be more productive. 

Some websites do not do not provide very user-friendly search tools. Google search can be very handy at such time, just type site: along with the search terms to find something particular on the site. 

?If you are looking for a presentation or a workbook on a certain topic then just type the keywords, and then specify Filetype:, and the extension of the file. For example Filetype:ppt (for presentations) or Filetype:pdf. The results of such advanced search will show only the files you have stated related to the topic. 

? With a little tweaks in the URL you can get real-time search results. If you are working in a place, where staying updated with news is essential then this trick is a must use. You can filter your search results by time by adding the syntax &tbs=qdr: after the URL, followed by the time. Type h7 for 7 hours, n7 for 7 minutes, s7 for 7 seconds. You can change the number as per your requirement. 

?One way to speed up the process of searching is to use alternate keywords for better results. Using the symbol ~ before the keyword would lead to include results of the word and its synonyms. 

?There are a lot times when we are looking for very specific results. One way is to use the advanced search tool. To optimize such a process at work, one can punch the keywords, and use � before the word to exclude the results related to which are unwanted. 

?To look for websites that arent appearing online due to reasons like crashing of servers, then use cache: to locate the website. You can even trace some content on sites that remain uncorrected and in the original form in the cache. 

?This trick makes it easy to discover to what page or who is linked to a website. Just add link: before the website to find out about the linking to a site. Besides the above Google tricks, one can perform tasks like doing sums and converting currencies, use the syntax define: to get meaning of words, and search places by entering the code after keywords.

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