How to Handle the Five Toughest Telephone Interview Questions?
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How to Handle the Five Toughest Telephone Interview Questions?

How to Handle the Five Toughest Telephone Interview Questions?

Telephonic interviews are the first step towards the potential dream job opportunity you are eyeing for since long. Once your application is screened for a suitable job responsibility, the next step is generally the ‘telephonic interview’ for initial screening.  They rule out your credentials and check whether you fit into the required job responsibility. 

The main aim should be to turn this opportunity known as “telephonic interview” into a face to face meeting.  A telephonic interview should certainly not to be taken lightly as it in some sense the deal breaker. It may seem like a mere formality but can sometimes rule out the best of the candidates if not taken seriously because if you don’t ace it well, then you will certainly not move towards the next steps.

Here we bring forward some pretty obvious telephonic interview questions that every job seeker need to nail it perfectly with the most apt answers that may land them into the next step. 

Tell me about yourself.

This is the foremost question every interviewer asks no matter what job profile you have but it is certainly the most difficult question to answer according to job seekers. Here one should answer very precisely about their work and educational background as the main aim of this question is to give the interviewer a snapshot about your work credentials.  

What experience do you have in?

Here you need to explain the interviewer about your total work experience and the kind of responsibilities you have handled in your previous job. The key to answering this question is to highlight your job responsibilities well and clearly underline your strengths to make a good impression of your overall capabilities. One should discuss about past organisation and opportunities they had in the past to give a clear perspective to the interviewer.

Why did you left your previous job or planning to discontinue your current job?

Hmm. Well, this one might be quite tricky to answer as you might unintentionally highlight your weaknesses. This question has the potential to raise certain red marks on your resume. Your potential answer to this question says a lot about you and you need to skilfully put your reasons in front of the interview to surpass this one.  

What are your expectations in terms of salary?

One should always be wary of answering the exact salary range they expect. It would be safe to say at this point is that you do not know well enough about the role, the company, the growth opportunities and expectations of the organisation to quote a salary amount. But still if one is pressed hard to answer this question then they should be diplomatic enough.

Do you have questions regarding our organisation and the job responsibility at our organisation?

Your opportunity to ask questions comes at the end when the interview is certainly done from his or her side. You must prepare some questions regarding the company’s expectations; company and work culture to put forth the fact that you are certainly interested and have done your homework regarding the current job opportunity you are eyeing on, else you may come across as some who is disinterested.      

These questions may land you in the face to face interview given the fact you are convincing enough to put forth your perspective. One should always make sure that they sound confident, well prepared, have great vocal skills, be clear enough of what they say and underline your answers in the most convincing manner.

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