China Textile Industry Overview

Country Estimates

Area 9,596,960 sq km (Land: 9,326,410 sq km , Water: 270,550 sq km)
Population 1,355,692,576 (July 2014 est.)
Economy GDP: $10.02 trillion (2014 est.)
GDP growth rate: 7.3%
GDP (PPP): $13.39 trillion (2013 est.)
GDP - per capita (PPP): $9,800 (2013 est.)
Investment 46.1% of GDP (2012 est.)
Urbanization 50.6% of total population (2011) 
Labor force 797.6 million 
Agriculture: 33.6% 
Industry: 30.3% 
Services: 36.1% 
Electricity Installed generating capacity: 1.247 billion kW (2013 est.)
Textile Industry
contribution to GDP
7.11% (2011)
Source: CIA World Fact book, IMF World Economic Outlook

Industry Overview

  • Despite rising labor costs, RMB appreciation and lower demand from export markets, China's textile industry is still growing at a healthy pace and looks to dominate the global apparel sector, both as a producer and a consumer for years to come.

  • China's fastest growing export market is now the ASEAN region, which increased by 30.15 percent, making the region China's third largest apparel export market.

  • Exports to Europe, the U.S. and Japan — China's largest exports markets in that order — have increased moderately, except for Japan, which saw a decrease of 0.63 percent. Chinese apparel enterprises are also relatively profitable, seeing a year-on year profit growth of 17.06 percent.

  • China however, faces sluggish internal demand and a decrease in export orders along with rising labor costs and labor shortage in coastal provinces and the appreciation of the RMB. This has led to the growth of textile and apparel exports in other Asian countries, especially Bangladesh, Vietnam, India and Cambodia. The direction of exports has also shifted to the ASEAN region, Brazil and India.

  • Attempts at government intervention are not always successful —for example, China' policy on cotton purchasing to support the local cotton industry led to a stockpile of 11 million tons by late 2013 and a cotton price about RMB 5,700 per ton higher than the international market price.


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