Global Apparel Segment Analysis and Financial Review

Indian Denim Market

Published On : July, 2016

Since the introduction of denim in India in 1986, the industry has evolved continuously, witnessing a healthy positive growth for the past decade

  • The unbranded denims constitute a higher share in the overall market in India as the demand for branded denims come primarily from limited number of mega-metros and metros
  • With the growing penetration of denims and rising disposable incomes in semi-urban and rural areas, general demand has shifted towards premium quality products and thereby, branded denims may occupy a higher share in the market in the years to come

The major denim fabric manufacturers in India are Arvind Mills (market leader with 14% share in 2014), Aarvee Industries (9% share) and Nandan Denim (8% share).
The denim industry in India is still in evolving stage, and with favorable textile policies from the Indian government, it would be interesting to witness how this industry positively shapes up in the years to come.

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