Feedstock Market Outlook - Quantitative Analysis

MEG Historical & Forecast Outlook till 2020 - Production, Consumption, and Price and Demand Supply Analysis

Published On : February,2015

Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is an organic compound used mainly as a raw material in the manufacture of Polyethylene Terephthalate Resins (PET), polyester fibres, etc. Mono-ethylene Glycol (MEG) can be used for applications that require chemical intermediates for resins, solvent couplers, freezing point depression, solvents, humectants and chemical intermediates.

Some of the factors driving the MEG market are the growing demand of polyester fibres, which are used in textile industry and PET, which are used in packaging of goods. The report covers global, regional and present price situation, historical and future forecast of Monoethylene glycol consumption and capacity with data of Monoethylene glycol capacities of key players.

Some of the key companies in the monoethylene glycol include: SABIC, Shell, BASF, Reliance Industries Limited, MEGlobal, Indian Oil Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp., Huntsman Corp., etc