Cotton Market Report and Price Trend

COTTON Highlights from 21 Dec,2020 - 01 Jan,2021

Cotton prices increased in the global market stimulated by the series of favorable news, like the stimulus plan in US, the conclusion of Comprehensive Agreement on Investments between China and EU and the approval launch of Chinese vaccine. In the global market, cotton prices stepped up with better market sentiment in the 4th week of December. In the last week of December, Cotton prices further increased after a series of optimistic news around the globe.


Price Trends - Cotton

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Crude Oil Dated Brent 62.15 USD/Brl
Naphtha Rotterdam (FOB) 541.44 USD/mt
PET Chips Korea (FOB) 1145 USD/mt
ASF 1.5 Denier China (FOB) 3.05 USD/Kg
Nylon FDY 70D/24F NE Asia (FOB) 2.71 USD/Kg
Benzene Korea (FOB) 875 USD/mt
Toluene Japan (CFR) 710 USD/mt
P-Xylene US Gulf (FOB) 895 USD/mt
M-Xylene SE Asia (CFR) 705 USD/mt
Methanol India (CFR) 370 USD/mt

Prices last updated on : April 5, 2021

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