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About Us

Kanish Spinning Mill commenced as a small yarn manufacturing unit in the year 2008. Currently, our company exhibits a complete vertically integrated setup and operates with a total of 7600 rotors producing about 350 MT per month. We have employed 300 employees, and all are provided with long-term saving scheme, medical insurance, and schooling for their children.


Our priority remains in exploring further ways to enhance the quality of our products and provide exceptional service to the customers. We continually invest more in our state-of-the-art technologies and machinery to deliver our promises. Our R&D department constantly experiments different blend approaches to provide the highest quality of yarn at the lowest price possible.


At Kanish spinning mill, we manufacture 100% cotton yarns and cotton-polyester blended yarns using open-end spinning technology for various counts ranging between Ne 8 and Ne 40.


Green energy projects:

The company invested $1.2 Million in its 2 MWh solar energy project and a further $2 Million in wind project by purchasing five 650 KWh wind turbines under the guidance of our Managing Director Mr. Chandrasekaran. With this initiative, 60% of our energy consumption is from renewable sources, and we aim to achieve 100% energy consumption through renewable sources by 2026.


Kanish spinning mill is GRS certified.

Since our cotton is emanated from recycled fabrics, Kanish spinning mill has now acquired a Global Recycle Standard certification to assure clients about the quality of our yarns and the environment in which they are manufactured. The certification ensures our commitment to the product.

Company Profile

Business Nature : Private Limited Company
Est. Year : 2008
Certifications : Global recycle standard
Export Markets : Worldwide