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Dhana unveils circular memory jacket

16 Oct '19
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Pic: PR Newswire/Dhana
Pic: PR Newswire/Dhana

Dhana, a sustainable and circular fashion company, has unveiled the Dhana Circular Fashion Collection with the debut of the Limited Edition Circular Memory Jacket, which is designed for cyclability, and is zero-waste, and closed-loop, constructed from upcycled textiles bound for the landfill. Dhana has premiered the jacket with a Kickstarter campaign.

The Dhana Circular Fashion Collection fulfils the target action items outlined in the Global Fashion Agenda's 2020 Commitment. Dhana and 90 other signatory brands signed to accelerate the fashion industry's transition towards a circular fashion system.

Designed for cyclability, the Circular Memory Jacket is zero-waste, and closed-loop, constructed from upcycled textiles bound for the landfill. Customers personalise the outwear jacket by sending Dhana their favourite garments repurposed for the customisable inner lining. Dhana has premiered the Limited-Edition Circular Memory Jacket with a Kickstarter campaign.

The Dhana Limited Edition Circular Memory Jacket diverts textiles from landfills and is 100 per cent water and chemical-free. The outerwear piece is built-to-last, water-resistant, and weather-friendly for all elements. Dhana's "Repair or Recycle" policy encourages customers to send the jacket to Dhana for repairs and 100 per cent recyclability.

Made in the US, Dhana invites customers to #WearYourValues and tell their story through the medium of fashion. Each jacket is one-of-a-kind with a customisable lining made from upcycled garments selected by each Kickstarter backer. Backers mail ten pieces of their favourite garments representing memories they value and stories they will share through their travels with the Circular Memory Jacket. Simultaneously, they embody " The Dhana Circularity Pledge"-- a vision of a circular, regenerative future -- as they wear the Circular Memory Jacket.

"We believe the customer plays an important role in the creation of a garment and that the memories the customer values will have a powerful force to extend the life of their clothing while also creating more awareness of their social and environmental impact. Dhana is transforming how we empower and engage the customer to wear their values with our Circular Memory Jacket so that collectively, we move from a fast fashion business model to one that is restorative and regenerative – Circular Fashion," Shamini Dhana, founder, and CEO, Dhana, said.

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