Textiles, leather freight volumes increase, says BTS

12 May '06
3 min read

According to new estimates by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), USA, more than 19 billion tons of freight, valued at $13 trillion, was carried over 4.4 trillion ton-miles in the US in 2002.

This means that per day in the US during 2002, around 53 million tons of goods valued at about $36 billion moved nearly 12 billion ton-miles on the nation's multimodal transportation network.

The new estimates combine data from the Commodity Flow Survey (CFS) and data from other sources to provide the most complete picture of freight movement in America. The BTS uses 2002, the year of the latest CFS, as the baseline.

As per the survey, in Freight Shipments by Two-Digit Commodity, value of textiles, leather, and articles of textiles or leather commodity is $377 billions in 1997 and increased to $466 billions in 2002. This records 0.1 percent increase in total.

In Average Length of Haul by Major Commodity Group, CFS reports haulage of $334 billions for basic chemicals, $506 billions for chemical products and preparations, textiles, leather, and articles of textiles or leather.

In Rail Carload and Intermodal Commodity Shipments, the survey records 455 thousand tons, 718 million ton-miles and 1579 miles per ton of textiles, leather, and articles of textiles or leather.

As for chemical products and preparations, it records 17763 thousand tons, 14483 million ton-miles and 815 miles per ton.

84332 thousand tons, 69556 million ton-miles and 825 miles per ton are in basic chemicals.

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